Lobby: Ted Cruz’s pastor admires Hitler

Last month, ADL, the National Jewish Democratic Council and other Jewish supremacist groups came to the conclusion that Sen. Ted Cruz would be more dangerous to Jews and Israel than Donald Trump as the next US president.

It all happened after evangelic pastor Mike Bickle endorsed GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz last month. The Jewish Lobby has accused Mike Bickle of saying that Adolf Hitler was a ‘divine hunter’ sent by God to kill Jews. It’s also claimed that the pastor believe that Jews must convert to Christianity or hunted down for extermination. Watch Bickle’s prophecy below.

Canada-born Sen. Ted Cruz who received the Defender of Israel award last year, has refused to cave in under Jewish pressure. He has announced that he values Mike Bickle’s endorsement. Pastor Bickle runs Israel Mandate, an Evangelic project dedicated to convert Jews to Christianity in order to save Jews from God’s curse (Armageddon).

Israeli Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a close friend of Cruz and author of book, Kosher Sex, tweeted: “I would like to publicly debate with Mike Bickle on Jesus as Jewish Messiah.”

One has to give some credit to Ted Cruz for standing up to the Organized Jewry. Remember Barack Obama had dumped his pastor Jeremiah Wright under Jewish pressure over latter’s support for Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam.

Matthew Brooks, president Republican Jewish Coalition has no problem with Mike Bickle or any other evangelic leader. “I’m not here to question people’s motivations. It’s not for me a theological discussion, it’s question of who’s standing by Israel when Israel needs it the most,” he said.

On February 23, 2016, Sarah Posner claimed at The Jewish Daily Forward that though Bickle’s ministry, International House of Prayer, supports Jews and Israel, the man cannot be trusted. “Despite what many Republicans – Jews among them – would have us believe, there is no way to consider a man like Bickle pro-Israel,” she said.

Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg started a Facebook page in December 2015 called Rabbi for Trump in support of the GOP hopeful, but wrote on the social media site on February 4 that the page would be closing as he was told by Trump campaigners that Jewish votes were not important.


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