UK: Jewish Lobby attacks Peace TV

As another proof of Britain being run by the Organized Jewry, Ofcom, country’s broadcasting watchdog has warned Islamic channel Peace TV over airing two anti-Israel and anti-Zionist lectures by Dr. Israr Ahmed (d. 2010), a Pakistan’s Islamic writer, author, and a Sunni preacher in 2014.

In our view the terms used to describe Jewish people such as ‘like a cancer’, ‘evil genius,’ ‘their poison,’ ‘cursed people’, ‘cursed race’ were particularly strong and inflammatory,” Ofcom said in statement based on Israeli Memri’s translation of Dr. Israr Ahmed’s lecture.

Last year, several pro-Israel Jewish groups had complained to the Ofcom that in those two lectures in Urdu language, Dr. Israr Ahmed called Jews cursed people. The Peace TV is owned by Indian Muslim evangelist Dr. Zakir Naik, who was banned to enter Britain and Canada in 2010 for criticizing the Zionist entity.

Holy Qur’an doesn’t curse Jews as it doesn’t mention the word ‘Jew’. It addresses the followers of Moses’ Law (Torah) as ‘Banu Israel’ (descendants of prophet Israel or Jacob) or ‘al-Yahud’. Holy Qur’an does mention a few biblical events related to Banu Israel’s disobedience to the Lord of Adam, Noah and Abraham, and how they’re punished for their corrupt practices (LGBT, Usury, adultery, alcohol, treason, etc.). The stories are to remind the Muslims that if they indulged in any of those practices – they, too, will be punished like the earlier nations and tribes. Holy Qur’an clearly rejects Christians’ claim that Israelite were responsible for the Crucification of prophet Jesus (as).

What Dr. Israr Ahmed said was that Biblical prophets had cursed the members of Banu Israel who had corrupted the Divine message given to them by the earlier prophets. Listen to the lecture below.

Torah Jews on the other hand, believe that Jews were cursed for their disobedience to Lord of Israel (Allah), and have to live without a state until the arrival of the promised Messiah.

Both Abraham Foxman (ADL) and Shmuel Golding have claimed that the New Testament depicts Jews being cursed people (here, here).

Maulana Israr Ahmed, MBBS, was a controversial cleric. He was more closer to Wahhabi/Salaafi cult. He was a well-known anti-Shi’ite sectarian preacher. He had slammed former military dictator Gen. Pervez Musharraf for co-operating with the US forces against Taliban. He also lead protests against Musharraf regime in 2008 that forced Musharraf to handover his powers.

In 2012, the Jewish Lobby forced Ofcom Bans Press TV in the UK.


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