UK: Illegal to Boycott Israel

Last week, the Jewish Lobby-controlled UK’s government of David Cameron announced that it intends to implement a law which would make it illegal for all public bodies – including local authorities and universities – to organize or participate in a boycott of the Zionist entity.

David Cameron’s Cabinet Office Minister Matt Hancock (Jewish) visited Israel on Wednesday and met Benjamin Netanyahu to get his approval of the proposed guide-lines which will be applied to councils, National Health Service (NHS) trusts, universities, and other British public bodies.

Once the legislation is passed, any British institution which even partly relies on state financing – which includes all universities, local authorities, and student organizations – will be breaking the law if they dare oppose Israeli policies against the Palestinians or its Arab neighbors.

The British Jewish Board of Deputies welcomed the government’s new anti-boycott law, with its president Jonathan Arkush saying: We welcome the announcement that legislative steps are to be taken against boycotts of Israel. Boycotts are objectionable, counterproductive, and divisive on every level.

The British BDS movement started after the Zionist regime’s flagrant and violent suppression of 1.7 million Palestinians during the ongoing Jewish military assault on Gaza Strip came to the public’s consciousness thanks to the rise of the Internet, which has circumvented the controlled media’s pro-Israeli censorship.

As veteran Jewish Labour Party MP Sir Gerald Kaufman said at an event organized by the Palestine Return Council (PRC), held in the UK Parliament in October 2015, that British political parties are controlled by the Jewish media and money that influence the British government into adopting a pro-Israel stance. In the past, he had compared Israeli soldiers with the Nazi soldiers who killed his parents in Poland during WWII. Last year, he defended Hamas by saying that Israel was born out of Jewish terrorism.

Peter Oborne, a British investigative journalist and former political editor of the Spectator, produced a documentary in 2009 (Watch below), entitled, Dispatches – Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby, which claims that 80% Tory ruling party members are on the Jewish payroll.

The UK’s Organized Jewry showed its hatred of pro-Palestinian British Muslims and Christian during  Jeremy Corbyn campaign last year to become leader of the Labour Party.

Last year, French highest court of criminal appeal, like Israel’s Supreme Court, declared boycott of Israel a criminal offense.

On June 30, 2015, Barack Obama signed the Anti-BDS’ Bill, declaring that as long as the BDS movement targets only the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and not the Zionist entity – the US State Department will not classify it a Terrorist Organization like Hamas or Hizbullah.


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