The Pope, Trump and US election

The Jewish Lobby and the so-called ‘Western religious leaders’ have condemned GOP front runner Donald Trump for insulting Kosher Pope Francis I. Francis has already excommunicated Trump by calling him “unchristian”.

The Pope-Trump row began when Francis condemned Trump’s plan to build a wall along Mexican (a Catholic-majority nation) border as unchristian. In response, Donald Trump blamed Francis and Barack Obama of weakening Christianity even though all three of them are heavily linked to the Organized Jewry.

I have no respect for any of the 20 Israel butt-licking American traitors fighting each other to become the next resident of the White House. Same goes for the Jesuit Pope Francis who has long been a religious agent of World Zionist Lobby.

Some anti-Muslim groups having history of lauding Israeli prime minister Benjamin for interfering in the US presidential election are now accusing Pope Francis of interfering in American politics.

Argentina-born Pope Francis, as Cardinal JorgeBergoglio, who helped the US-installed military dictatorship and CIA-Mossad kill tens of thousands of Argentinian including children and clergy has no moral ground to lecture others.

Francis condemned Trump’s future plan to build a wall along Mexican border, but the Jesuit head of 1.1 billion Catholic sheep never condemned Israeli Jews for building a wall to keep Natives out of Jewish occupied Palestine.

I think Pope Francis just provided Trump with a ‘political booster’. The two anti-Muslim bigots needs to know that a series of fences and barriers already exist along US-Mexico border since Dubya Bush era (here).


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