Lobby: Oxford University got problem with Jews

On February 17, 2016, UK’s Minister for Universities, Jo Johnson, sent a letter to Oxford University vice-Chancellor Dr. Louise Richardson (Irish Catholic)demanding an investigations into the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish “freedom of speech” at the campus.

Jo Johnson is a well-known anti-Palestinian bully. Last month he condemned students disturbing a speech by Israel’s official “bone breaker” Shin Bet chief and former head of Israel’s Navy, Maj. Gen. Ami Ayalon (a war criminal), at King’s College London University. One wonder how Jo Johnson would have reacted to Jewish hooligans at Iran’s FM Dr. Zarif’s speech at the same campus?

On Wednesday, Israeli embassy in London condemned Oxford University Labour Club (OULC) for supporting Gaza-ruling Islamic party Hamas, and singing in praise of Hamas firing rockets over “defenseless Israeli Jew settlers” during its meetings.

The accusations came from Oxford Jewish Society, an Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) arm. As result, the Jewish co-chairman of OULC, Alex Chalmers submitted his resignation to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, himself accused of a ‘Hamas sympathizer’ by UK’s Jewish Lobby.

Alex Chalmers has accused the university having problem with Jews.

Former leader of Labour Party, Ed Miliband (Zionist Jew), who condemned BDS movement in the past, postponed a speaking event at the society in March, while urging Jeremy Corbyn to personally look into the claim made by professional propaganda liars.

The list of hate crimes against Jews at Oxford University compiled by the Oxford Jewish Society include:

  1. OULC has become increasingly dominated by the radical student left in recent weeks and months.
  2. An OULC member was disciplined for organising a group of students to harass a Jewish student and shout filthy Zionist at her.
  3. One member demanded all Jews should publicly denounce Zionism and the Zionist entity, and that university students should not associate with any Jew who fails to do so.

The OULC is one of the largest and most prestigious student Labour clubs in the country. Its former members include the party’s ex-leaders Ed Miliband and MP Michael Foot (died 2010). Foot was a Zionist Christian, who once declared in the House of Commons: “If I were a Jew in Palestine, I should certainly be a member of the Haganah.”

In January 2015, Oxford University Press (OUP) came under Zionist knife for instructing its children books authors to avoid mentioning pig and sausage in order not to offend Muslim and Jewish parents.

The OUP was the first that published the pro-Israel Christian Zionist Bible, The Scofield Bible in 1945. Its revised edition was published in 1967 to justify Israel’s occupation of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem (here). The project was financed by the Jewish Rothschild family.


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