No Polish death camps!

cartoon[1]Poland’s pro-Israel Law and Justice ruling party is planning to introduce a law making it a crime to imply the country cooperated with Nazis in running the so-called Jewish death camps during its occupation (1939-1945).

The bill introduced by Poland’s justice minister Zbigniew Ziobro has called for a regulation to punish the use of the phrase of Polish death camps when referring to dozens of Nazi labor (aka concentration) camps including the Holy Auschwitz. A similar bill was introduced in 2013, after US president Barack Obama used the phrase, Polish death camps in a 2012 speech. The bill was rejected in the parliament.

People could face up to five years in jail if found in believing in the conspiracy theory that Polish Catholic majority was somehow involved in murdering their biblical “Chosen People”.

In November 2015, Poland’s new defense minister Antoni Macierewicz was accused of antisemitism for believing that World Organized Jewry is on its way to dominate the world as mentioned in The Protocols of Zion. The European Jewish Lobby claimed: “In 2002 Antoni Macierewicz had told Radio Maryjua that he read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

In September 2015, Polish Jewish professor Jan T. Gross (Princeton University) in an article claimed that Poles killed more Jews than Germans during the WWII. The article was published in pro-Israel German newspaper Die Welt. He also accused Poles being Europe’s top antisemite people.

The Poles, for example, were indeed rightfully proud of their society’s resistance against the Nazis, but in fact did kill more Jews than Germans during the war,” wrote the 69-year-old Jewish historian

In April 2015, FBI director James Comey, a Holocaust promoter, accused Warsaw in helping Nazis to kill Polish Jews.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, the renowned Holocaust myth maker, in April 1975 had claimed that the so-called extermination camps only existed in Poland under Third Reich.

Polish Jewish historian, Dr. Wladyslaw Krajewski said: “In pre-war Poland, the majority of Jews did not regard themselves as Poles. Growing up for the most part in Jewish environments, they only observed the Jewish customs and religion, spoke only Yiddish at home, and generally spoke Polish poorly.”

The Jewish people are an indelible part of Polish history, and Poland is an indelible part of Jewish history. Our deep bilateral cooperation is based on common values and a shared history, as well as on the aspiration to a common future in which we want to achieve the same goals,” Benjamin Netanyahu said at a joint press conference with Polish Prime Minister Tusk, 23 February 2011 (here).


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