India imposes curfew in disputed Kashmir Valley

kashmir[1]On Sunday, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi government in New Delhi imposed a curfew in the disputed (declared by United Nations in 1949) Muslim-majority Jammu and Kashmir state annexed by India.

This is the first curfew of this year after Indian occupation forces shot and killed a young Muslim woman and a teenage boy by firing on unarmed people protesting against Indian occupation.

As result of the curfew, shops, businesses and some government offices were closed and public transport stayed off the roads in the disputed Himalayan state. Train services were suspended and university examinations were postponed.

Last year, India imposed full or partial curfew in Indian occupied Kashmir in August, October and November.

The Muslims in Indian occupied Kashmir Valley have been waging anti-India resistance since the late 1980s, seeking independence from Indian occupation. Majority of them want to join the autonomous state of Azad Kashmir within Pakistan while a minority wants to have an independent but  a neutral Kashmir state with good relations with both India and Pakistan.

India has stationed almost half of its total military force (700,000) to control a population of less than 13 million. There is a total censorship imposed by the Indian military authorities. Many foreign journalists like David Barsamian and Tara Dorabji were deported from India for exposing Indian barbarism against Kashmiri Muslims. Indian army has killed more than 85,000 Kashmiris and gang rapped over 10,000 Muslim women and young girls since 1980s.

In 2011, India’s Jammu and Kashmir State Human Rights Commission released a report stating that a three-year investigation had uncovered 2,156 unidentified bodies in 38 sites in the region. These unmarked graves confirm allegations of just how big a role the Indian forces have played in the disappearance and extra-judicial killings of the Kashmiri people.

India’s world renowned writer, author and human-rights activist, Arundhati Roy, has been persecuted by New Delhi and demonized by anti-Muslim Hindu press for saying: Kashmir is not part of India.

Andre Vltchek, American investigative journalist, novelist and film-maker visited the Jammu & Kashmir Valley and lived among the Kashmiri freedom-fighters in early 2015. His dairy can be read here.

Former head of India’s intelligence agency RAW, A. S. Dulat, in 2015 book, Kashmir: The Vajpayee Years, has claimed that New Delhi had never been serious to fulfill United Nations’ resolution 47 (1948) on the disputed Jammu & Kashmir Valley. He also claims that Indian RAW with the help of CIA and Mossad creates terrorism in Indian and Pakistan controlled Kashmir Valley which it blames on Kshmiri Muslims and the neighboring Pakistan.

Both Kashmiris and Palestinians are victims of anti-Muslim Hindus and Zionist Jews. Both people have tried non-violent means to regain their lawful rights but have failed. They’re left with no other choice but to face their occupiers by applying some of their own medicine (here).


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