Syria: Assad vows to retake whole country

assads[2]As the defeat of the US-Israel proxy war is approaching with more and more cities and towns being retaken by the Syrian forces with help from Hizbullah fighters, Iran and Russian airstrikes – Washington is desperate to bring Moscow on board in order to fulfill its dream of a regime change in Damascus on behalf of the Zionist regime.

On February 11, Paul R. Pillar reported at Jewish news website, The National Interests that Jewish lobby (Washington Post, WINEP, Foreign Affairs, NYT, Dennis Ross, Jeremy Shapiro, Sen. John McCain, etc.) is freaked-out at the prospects of a pro-Iran regime staying in Syria. Now they have come-up with a new proposal, discussed by John Kerry with his Russian counterpart. The proposal accepts Russian strategic interests in the region, but without president Bashar al-Assad.

Last week, both Obama and Putin agreed on a joint strategy to resolve more than four-year-old foreign insurgency in Syria which has killed hundreds of thousands Syrians and made more than four million refugees.

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in a recent interview he gave to the Agence France-Presse (AFP) in which he criticized French government for arming and training the foreign insurgency. He said that his government is willing to have dialogue with its enemies while continue fighting against foreign created and supported terrorist groups. Assad also vowed that fight against US-Israel created ISIS will continue until whole Syrian land is recovered.

Iran’s policy toward Russia is based on a balancing regional strategy. It doesn’t want to join the US-led Zionist-controlled West or Russia based on its history of wars with Russia in the 18th century. That’s the reason, Tehran kept out of two Russian wars on Chechnya – a Muslim land occupied and ravaged by Russians for the last 300 years.

America and its Zionist-controlled allies are bent on further break-up of Muslim countries around Israel in order to maintain military superiority of the Zionist entity. Arabs and Muslims need to start becoming keenly aware of this “small state” third option, else they will fall into the dangerous trap of being distracted by detail while larger games carve up their nations and plunge them into perpetual conflict.

Personally, I don’t believe in the biblical narrative of the End of human race on Earth (Armageddon), but its worth knowing Zionists’ dirty fingers behind it.


5 responses to “Syria: Assad vows to retake whole country

  1. It is unbelievable that this warcriminal is still at the top in Syria, whilst the rest of the world does not take similar steps they took in Iraq for Sadam Housain.

    • If you read some objective source you will find out that most world war-criminals are behind the removal of Assad such as Obama, Hillary Clinton, Benjamin Netanyahu, David Cameron, Theresa May, Saudi and Jordanian ‘royals’.

      Saddam Hussein was a war-criminal because he was conned by CIA-Mossad-MI6 to murder nearly one million Iranians who took the courage to not only throw out West’s policeman King Reza Shah but in the process also American and Israeli ambassadors.

  2. You give the impression that Muslims are the cause of the problem in Syria, but those Daesh fighters are not real Muslims. The Islam is a religion of peace and in the past it were often others who fought against those believers in the only One True god, Jews Christians also should believe in.(Though I do agree in Christendom a majority worships an other God. But the master teacher Christians should follow was also a preacher of peace, so they should also try to bring peace all over the world.)

    • I never said Muslims are the problem in Syria and the rest of the region – but the Muslim rulers installed by the former Western colonialists are. These bastard don’t care for the mass murder of fellow Muslims as long as it serves the interest of their illegal power and their foreign patrons.

      Never believe those idiots who claim Islam is a “peaceful religion” in order to make 1.9 billion Muslims to live as slaves on the Judeo-Christian warlords.

      • That is the big problem the Muslim community is facing, having Western powers funding extremist Muslims (first Alqaeida, then ISIS, selling them weapons and asking to spy for them, later to turn against them) also not helping to show their citizens what real good Muslims are, but creating a fear for Muslims, endangering the Muslim community.

        Why do you think Islam would be not a peaceful religion?
        REHMAT – Just read the link I provide above to find a good answer to your question.

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