Hungarian PM Viktor Orban is ‘Mussolini’!

Leader of the Revolution met with the Hungarian Prime Minister

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban has been hailed as ‘Savior of White race’ and Christianity from Muslim immigrants by the White Supremacist politicians, writers and their Israel lobby backers.

Orban as leader of opposition party Fidesz openly called Israel as a role model for Hungary. the love affair between Firdesz and Likud goes back to 2005, when the Israel’s current president Reuven Rivlin, as Speaker of Knesset visited Hungary and met Firdesz party leaders.

Since Orban came to power, he had revoked tax-exemption donations to Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist worship places and private religious schools, while no such action was taken against Jewish and Christian worship places and private schools.

Some of Orban’s government’s anti-Semitic crimes include, telling IMF and Goldman Sachs to get lost, and his support for Russia against the US and EU in Ukraine. In December 2015, he added insult to the Zionist mafia by meeting Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei in Tehran.

In July 2014, Orban made a political wrong statement while on visit to Romania. He praised Turkey’s so-called Islamist president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This hit the Jewish media where it hurts the most. The Newsweek ran the story with headline, ‘Hungary’s Mussolini’ Vows to Make the EU Members an ‘Illiberal State’. The Financial Times declared: ‘Orban had just cemented his reputation as a problem child of European Union’.

Calling world leaders Hitler or Mussolini is antisemitism itself. Because both gave freedom to extremist Jewish militias like Irgun and Lehi to operate their training camps in Germany and Italy. One of the WZO leaders, Vladimir Jabotinsky, was a great admirer of Mussolini.

I think, Viktor Orban’s greatest anti-Israel crime is not to ban country’s White nationalist opposition party Jobbik which not only supports Palestinians but also calls for Christian-Muslim unity against the Organized Jewry.

Hungary is member of NATO since 1999. Its forces served the US-NATO occupation of both Afghanistan and Iraq for Israel. But Orban in his self-denial now says: “We did not destroy the countries from which migrants are coming. We did not bomb anyone. We did not invite anyone here. And now those who dropped the bombs and sent out invitations want to settle them here. Is this fair?”

My response to the western anti-Muslim refugees is: Why they keep electing  F***king Christian leaders who continue to wage wars against Muslim nations to satisfy their hatred of Islam and to please their Jewish masters.

Hungarian Christians’ hatred toward Muslims is based on the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman ‘The Magnificent’ crushing defeat to King Louis II of Hungary at the Battle of Mohacs in 1526. In 1541 Ottoman empire incorporated the central part of the kingdom including Budapest into Ottoman empire, and ruled the Ottoman Hungary till 1699.

Islam was introduced in Hungary over 500 years before the Ottoman invasion by Muslim traders from Khazaria. Even after 150-year Ottoman Muslim rule, Muslims remained  a minority as result of Ottoman’s religious tolerance. Muslim rulers in Spain, Sicily, Greece, India, Palestine, Malta, etc. never acted like Christian Crusaders in order to convert local people to Islam by sword.


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