A ‘dog fight’ between French and Israeli ambassadors

On February 9, 2016, Israeli newspaper YNet reported an interesting ‘dog fight’ between French ambassador in Washington Gerard Araud and his Israeli counterpart US-born Ron Dermer.

It all started by a tweets from Gerard Aruad who quoted French foreign minister Laurent Fabius’ (Jewish) statements over achieving peace in Syria, which stated that “there cannot be a political negotiation while one side is murdering the other.”

The Israeli con-man couldn’t miss the opportunity to compare Palestinian resistance with US-Israel created ISIS/ISIL to destabilize the Middle East. Dermer tweeted back to Aruad: “hmmm. Wonder if that wisdom will one day be applied to when Jews are being murdered in Israel.”

Israel’s human rights group B’Tselem has claimed that since 2000, Israelis have killed 8,701 Palestinians while 1,138 Jewish occupiers were killed by Palestinians. These figures include 1,772 Palestinian children killed by Jews vs 93 Israeli children killed by Palestinian Muslims and Christians (here).

Araud waited a day and chose not to respond directly to Dermer, but his indirect response was sufficient:”Israel/Palestine. So predictable that any pretext leads one side to declare that the other one is evil.”

I posted in July 2011 that the bloodshed in Syria is an Israeli Project meant to isolate Iran from its regional allies before US-Israeli attack Iran to install a regime subversive to the Zionist power. If you watch the regimes fighting the ISIL/ISIS in Syria and Iraq – they’re all controlled by the Jewish lobby groups.

Gerard Aruad, who began his diplomatic career in Israel as a secretary at French embassy in Tel Aviv, rose to French ambassador in 2004. The Israeli officials who were quite comfortable with him until he opened his big mouth. In August 2003, Israeli journalist Boaz Bismuth accused him calling Israel a paranoid country and Israeli prime minister Gen. Ariel Sharon as a thug.

Aruad also served French ambassador at the United Nations.

That “truth” immediately turned Gerard Araud into another ‘antisemite’ like French ambassador to London, Daniel Bernard (Jewish), who in a private conversation at a dinner at a restaurant was caught describing Israel as that shitty little country in December 2001. Under pressure from UK’s Jewish Lobby, Bernard was immediately reassigned French ambassador to Algeria.


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