The Palestine Memorial Museum

The first Palestine Memorial Museum in Birzeit, West Bank, is due to open its doors to public on July 14, 2016, when 10 million Palestinians around the world commemorate their 68th national Catastrophe (Al-Nakba) or the creation of the Zionist entity. Watch below the first planned exhibition.

The construction work began on April 11, 2013 under the supervision of Jack Persekian, Jerusalem-Sharjah-based Palestinian curator and producer. He was quoted as saying: “I am hoping that this museum would be able to give the opportunity for many Palestinians to tell their stories. We are looking at a museum that doesn’t have one particular narrative line that it wants to consecrate through its exhibits.” Persekian resigned from the post in December 2015.

The plan conceived in 1997, was meant to commemorate the ethnic-cleansing of Native Palestinians by European Jewish militias. The Zionist terrorists created the exodus of over 800,000 Native Muslim and Christians, destroyed 400 villages, 600 mosques and a dozen churches. The project has since broaden its scope to include the history of historic Palestine going back to the Ottoman empire.

The museum is designed by Irish architects Heneghan Peng.

The project is estimated to cost $30 million. It’s not funded by the PA government in the West Bank or Gaza-ruling Hamas. It’s mainly funded by Geneva-based Palestinian charity Welfare Association, a NGO founded in 1983 with branches in London, Lebanon, Gaza, East Jerusalem, and King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS).

The Welfare Association has long been declared anti-Israel and antisemite by the Jerusalem-based Jewish Lobby NGO Monitor. It was established by British-born Zionist Jew, professor Gerald M. Steinberg in 2001. The organization produces faked studies to cover Israeli crimes, some times exposed by NGO’s working in the occupied Palestine.

Read an interview with Omar Al-Qattan, chairman of the museum task force (here).

On February 8, 2016, Zoe Holman, PhD, a UK and Australia-based journalist published a detailed article (here).

British colonists betrayed Arabs who helped them to remove Ottomans from Arab lands by creating European Jewish colonial power in Palestine.


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