Kerry: ‘You created ISIS’

b20141008030427[1]On February 2, 2016, foreign ministers from 23 US-controlled regimes gathered in Rome to come-up with new strategy to save pro-Israel ISIS from further defeat. US secretary of state John Kerry told the participants that ISIS is already defeated in Syria and Iraq – not by the US lead coalition, but by the Syrian army with help from Iran and Hizbullah, and the recent Russian air-strikes.

The moment of truth came to John Kerry, a Crypto Jew, when a young Italian female journalist attending the press conference addressed by John Kerry and his Italian counterpart Paolo Gentiloni shouted: It’s you who created ISIS, reported by Italian RAI News.

The unnamed journalist, who had been subject to tough security screening before being allowed in the room, was dragged away minutes later by Italy’s national military police the Carabinieri.

The real agenda behind the Rome conference was not to defeat ISIS, but secure billions of dollars contracts to rebuild infrastructure destroyed by the ISSIS thugs and the US, French, British, Italian and Canadian air-strikes in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Last year, Washington helped Italian Trevi Group to secure a $2 billion contract to repair Mosul Dam damaged by the Coalition bombing. It was recaptured by Iraqi forces from ISIS. According to Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi, “the repair work will provide employment for 450 Italian and American workers.”

This was ISIS supporters’ fourth conference after those held in London, Paris and Brussels.

The irony is that foreign ministers from the governments, such as, the US, UK, EU, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, France, UAE, Kuwait, Australia, Germany, Belgian, Bahrain, Iraq, etc., which funds and train ISIS thugs – pledged to defeat ISIS during the conference.

Let us not ignore Kerry’s prophecy how to end bloodshed in Syria. “If you wants to beat ISIS quickly, then get a negotiated deal to end the Syria war (of course on US-Israel terms: Syria without Bashar al-Assad),” John Kerry told the 22 other idiot FMs sitting there.

John Kerry also renamed ISIS by calling it Apostates – the term only used against Holocaust deniers in United States.

Last August, former US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) head, General Michael Flynn cited official US documents, proving the US creating ISIS was “a willful (Obama administration) decision.”

A declassified 2012 US report said that Washington planned to establish a declared or undeclared pro-US Wahhabi entity in Eastern Syria, and this was exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition wanted, in order to isolate the Syrian regime from (Iran and Hizbullah) and replace it (here).


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