Jewish group exposes NYT pro-Israel ‘Jingoism’

In April 2014, the NYT aka Jew York Times admitted that it obeys Israel’s GAG orders concerning publication of Israeli news and editorials.

On Tuesday, the NYT management and Jewish Lobby was shocked to find thousands of copies of NYT ‘special edition’ with anti-Israel articles, editorial and confessions in Manhattan and online version via social media (here and here).

On February 3, 2016, the Jewish Week claimed the antisemite responsible for exposing NYT’s lies about Hamas, Iran, Syria and the rest of Muslim world for the benefit of Israel was New York-based Jewish Voice for Peace and not some Jew-hating Muslim group, such as, the Nation of Islam.

The NYT special edition included such articles as Israel’s fabricated knife attacks, Congress to Debate US Aid to Israel and In the Footsteps of Mandela and King, as well as an editorial, Our New Editorial Policy: Rethinking Israel-Palestine.

The special edition mimicked NYT’s trademark fonts and formatting, and describes itself as Rethinking Our 2015 Coverage on Israel-Palestine – A Supplement. In addition to its genuine corrections, such as, It has come to our attention that the vast majority of articles about violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories have failed to include the names of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces, and articles. It also included ads, such as one for TimeUp watches with the motto: The Moment is Now: End US military aid to Israel.

In a statement, Jonathan Greenblatt, Abraham Foxman’s replacement at the Anti-Defamation League, top Israeli lobby group, said: The creators of the phony newspaper are entitled to their view that NYT is biased in Israel’s favor, and to disagree with critics of NYT, some of whom think NYT has a bias against Israel. However, to do it in a surreptitious manner, as they have done, is deceptive.

The ADL and other pro-Israel groups wrongly accuse Jewish Voice for Peace like the BDS movement, as anti-Israel. In fact both organizations legitimize Israeli occupation of 78% of historic Palestine.

The NYT had published some criticism of the Zionist regime written by Jewish writers in the past. For example, an opinion post by professor Joseph Levine (University of Massachusetts) on March 9, 2013.


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