David Bowie’s secret ‘Jewishness’

British rock star David Robert Jones, known as David Bowie in the entertainment industry died on January 10, 2016 after 18-month struggle with cancer at age 69.

The Jewish media for years had claimed that like Madonna he was also heavily connected with the Tribe through Kabbalah. According to JTA (January 11, 2016), Bowie’s first manager Les Conn was a Jew from Stamford Hill. Bowie was very close to Jewish rockers Lou Reed and Marc Bolan. When Reed died in 2013, Bowie called him a master.

Like many young gay men, I was inspired, and terrified, by Bowie’s gender-bending. That he was not, in fact, gay made it all the more alluring: Here was someone neither gay nor straight, neither masculine nor feminine,” wrote Jay Michaelson at the Jewish Daily Forward, January 11, 2016.

Could it be that Michaelson was not aware of the fact that David Bowie was married to Somali-British model Iman for the last 23 years. He even has a 14-year-old daughter Alexandria from this marriage.

On April 17, 2006, UK’s Telegraph newspaper quoted Bowie saying, “All my work has a certain Jewishness in it.”

Head of Anglican Church, Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, born into a German Jewish family, told BBC: “I’m very, very saddened to hear his death. I remember sitting listening to his songs endlessly, and always really relishing what he was, what he did, the impact he had.” I wonder, why Jesus didn’t whisper in Welby’s ears to explain the puzzle – as Welby claimed in his biography that after his daughter’s death Jesus spoke to him to become a Christian.

Dr. Gregory Allan Thornbury, Evangelical president of The King’s College (New York) tweeted a photo of him singing with Bowie.

The Vatican also showered praise on David Bowie. You never know someday Vatican also declare him a “Knight of Catholic Church’, as it did to BBC’s pedophile Sir Jimmy Savile in the past.

Before Bowie’s so-called fascination with Judaism, the dude practiced Christianity and Buddhism. Bowie’s 20-page will signed on August 25, 2004 says that Bowie wanted his body be cremated and ashes scattered on the Indonesian island Bali as per Buddhist customs. In 2002, Israeli Mossad paid a visit to Bali nightclub.

David Bowie’s will was filed in Manhattan court on January 29, 2016. It’s reported that David Bowie’s Somali-born supermodel wife, Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid will inherit 50% of Bowie’s $100 million estate plus couple’s home in New York. The rest of the estate is for his son and daughter – but nothing for new London Holocaust memorial being built by British taxpayers next to the Parliament.

Listen to David Bowie’s Blackstar below.


One response to “David Bowie’s secret ‘Jewishness’

  1. Good piece Rehmat. You definitely set the record straight. Btw the late & very great David Bowie’s manager, Les Conn, (true to his name) swindled Bowie something terrible but true to his gentlemanly nature Bowie never threw mud publicly but took it thru the legal processes. Bowie was a spiritual person and looked into all the spiritual traditions and he was respectful to all and offended none. That he refused an Order of the British Empire and a Knighthood saying “that’s not what I’m about or what I worked towards” speaks volumes about the man. I have infinite respect fur him just on that alone. That the Jewish lobby and entertainment mafia need to send the message out that they own everyone dead or alive is getting to be a desperate joke. Bowie they never owned. RIP to a fine human being

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