Man with pistol and Qur’an arrested at Disneyland Paris!

On January 28, The Jew York Times reported that the day French president Hollande and Iranian president Rouhani signed billions of dollars contracts, the security personnel at the Jewish controlled Disneyland Paris hotel spotted a pistol and a copy of Holy Qur’an in his luggage.

During a routine security screening checkpoints at one of our hotels, weapons were discovered in a guest’s luggage through our X-ray machine. The police was immediately notified and the individual was arrested,” said Francois Banan (Jewish), the vice-president of communications and public affairs at Disneyland Paris.

The Jewish CNS News, added some more spice on the news. It claimed “a Muslim couple carrying two hand-guns and a copy of Holy Qur’an was arrested at Disneyland Paris hotel.”

The local police did not accused the man of planning a terrorist attack, and handed over him to French interior ministry, headed by Bernard Gazeneuve, a pro-Israel Zionist. Ministry officials have refused to release the identity of the individual or the couple.

A practicing Muslim sometimes carry prayer rug in his luggage, but never a copy of Holy Qur’an fearing disrespect to the Divine Book while luggage being handled by non-Muslims. I, myself, carry a prayer rug in my luggage during foreign travels, but never a copy of Holy Qur’an. Same goes for the practicing Christians and Jews within Muslim-majority nations.

France is home to 500,000 Jews but its elites have maintained an iron grip (here) over government, intelligence agencies, mainstream media, banking and entertainment institutions and major multi-national manufacturing companies.

Some French intellectuals including philosopher Roger Garaudy, comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala and political philosopher Alain Soral have challenged the Organized Jewry’s grip on French society. However, all of them had to pay heavy price in money and loss of career.

Over seven million French Muslims make the country’s largest religious minority. A great majority of French Muslims support Palestinian struggle against the Jewish occupation of Palestine.

Terrorist organization, Jewish Defense League, banned in the United States is quite active in France since September 11 terrorist attacks.

In December 2014, French parliament voted 339:151 to recognize an independent Palestinian State over land grabbed by Israel in June 1967. Since then, Israeli Mossad with its French security collaborators have pulled several major terrorist false flag operations, such as, Charlie Hebdo and the November Paris attacks.

I wonder how hard it would be for a Mossad agent to put a small gun and a copy of Holy Qur’an in the tourist’s luggage. I remember the story of an unnamed firefighter finding a page from Holy Bible ’embedded’ into a piece of steel from the Twin Towers which you all know came down in a free fall. The page warned Americans of 9/11 to be committed by Muslims. The author of the story was a Jewish photographer by the name, Joel Meyerowitz. No Judeo-Christian ‘doomsday believer’ bothered to find out that Bible was written 100-180 years after Jesus was nailed on a cross – 500 years before the first Muslim appeared in Arabia.

I remember how American Jewish author and feminist Naomi Wolf, who joked about the so-called “ISIS beheading videos” in October 2014.

It takes five people to stage an event like this – two to be ‘parents’,- two to pose for the camera, one in ninja outfit and one to contact the media that doesn’t bother checking who ANY of these four other people are, ” Wolf wrote on her Facebook page. Watch a video below and enjoy how she was hounded by her own tribe.


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