Oops! US top rapper denies Holocaust!

On January 27, 2016 – the western leaders will be racing to prove their loyalties to the Organized Jewry by bending backward to lecture the world that Christian Nazis did kill six million Jews without bothering to prove it in a Western court of law.

If you had Google on Tuesday, you would had found over 100 Jewish sites parroting the same headline: UNESCO chief Irina Bokova has condemned Iran’s government holding the 3rd edition of Holocaust Cartoon contest, offering $50,000 prize to the winner. The contest is scheduled to be held in June this year. According the Zionist parrots the Bulgarian communist party member Irina Bokova had promised Robert Singer, CEO World Jewish Congress, that to talk to Iranian president Dr. Hassan Rouhani on this matter. Incidentally, she made a similar promise last year too but couldn’t stop the 2nd International Holocaust Cartoon contest.

But contrary to that the western Jewish media totally blanked the news of a meeting between the Iranian president Dr. Rouhani and the kosher Pope Francis on Tuesday at the Vatican.

On Monday, America’s top Afro-American rapper B.o.B (Boby Ray Simmons) also threw some stones at the commemoration of the annual ritual of The Holocaust Industry by suggesting to his fans to study the famous Holocaust scholar David Irwing. The rapper also claimed that Russian communist dictator Josef Stalin was far worse than Adolf Hitler, and that’s why POTUS (Barack Obama’s internet title) gotta wear kippah. Watch a video below.

In 1992, a German court found Dr. David Irwing guilty of Holocaust denial. Later he spent a few years in an Australian jail over the same charges.

German-Canadian Holocaust scholar Ernest Zundel has been sent to jail for questioning the Six Million Died narrative several times in Canada and Germany.

In 1970 Ernest Zundel authored a four-page pamphlet, entitled, The West, War and Islam, in which he warned the Muslim world how the Organized Jewry is poisoning Westerners’ minds against Muslims and Islam.

Questioning Zionists’ narrative of Holocaust is punishable with three years in jail and heavy fine in 15 European nations. However, the same 15 nations allow insulting Islam and Christianity under the pretext of the so-called Freedom of Speech.


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