Ukrainian Jew Oligarchs settle $2 billion lawsuit

On Monday, London High Court won’t be hearing a $2 billion lawsuit filed against two Ukrainian Jew oligarchs, Gennadiy Bogolyubov and Ihor Kolomoisky by a fellow Ukrainian Jew oligarch Victor Pinchuk, currently residing in a $115 million London home. On Friday, the three Shylocks kissed and made-up out of court. The settlement amount is kept secret. According to Forbes, Gennadiy Bogolyubov and Ihor Kolomoisky are worth over $3 billion together.

Pinchuk claimed that he had paid the other two oligarchs $143 million (currently worth £99 million) for a stake in a Ukrainian mining company but that they had failed to transfer the shares to him. Bogolyubov and Kolomoisky rejected the claim, arguing that Pinchuk owed them the money for a different business venture.

Gennadiy Bogolyubov and Ihor Kolomoisky co-own Privatbank, Ukraine’s largest bank.

In May 2014, Kolomoisky announced a plan to build a New Zion: Promised Land in the Zionist liberated Ukraine. Kolomoisky’s fellow Jewish oligarch Petro Poroshenko is the current president of Ukraine.

Former prime minister of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko, is also Jewish and considered third richest person in the country.

London has attracted lawsuits by other Jewish oligarchs in the past. For example, Chelsea Football Club’s Russian owner Roman Abramovich won a $6 billion battle against former mentor Boris Abramovich Berezovsky (died in March 2013) in 2012. Boris was known as “Russian Kingmaker”. He was also known for grooming Vladimir Putin’s political career.

Ukraine is home to 450,000 Muslims, mostly Tartars expelled by Russian dictator Josef Stalin, who established the Jewish Autonomous region of Birobidjan in Soviet Republic in 1934. The Jewish population of Ukraine is less than 120,000.

Ukraine’s top oligarch (worth $12.2 billion) happens to be Rinat Leonidovych Akhmetov, 50, a Tatar Muslim. He is a coal and steel magnate and owner of Shakhtar Dontesk soccer, and Ukraine’ English newspaper Kyiv Post. Rinat is married to Russian singer and actress Liliya Smirnova.

United States Muslim oligarch is Pakistan-born Shahid Khan, 65, (4.4 billion). In 2011 Zionist dogs chased him when he purchased NFL Jacksonville Jaguars at $760 million. He is also owner of UK’s National Football League. Jaguars have not had a winning session since Khan purchased it, but team value jumped 53% in 2015 to $1.48 billion.


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