Israeli DM prefers Syria under ISIS rule

Terror skeletons from Jewish closet never stop falling out.

Jewish_State[2]In June 2014, Netanyahu speaking at Tel Aviv University’s INSS think tank told his Israeli sheep: ISIS is good for Israel.

On Monday, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, Israel Occupation Force (IOF) chief of staff speaking at INSS endorsed US-Iran nuclear agreement but raised his fears that as result of lifting sanctions against Iran – Iran would be able to donate billions of dollars (?) to Lebanese resistance militia Hizbullah. He reminded his audience that Iran doesn’t pose a serious threat to Israel. It’s Hizbullah that Israelis should be worried about.

On Tuesday, Israeli defense minister Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya’alon speaking at INSS said that ISIS is dangerous but if he was to choose between ISIS and Iran – I prefer ISIS.

Ya’alon is member of extremist Jewish cult Chabad. Its centers act as Israeli Mossad terrorist cells.

Ya’alon reasoned that Iran had greater capabilities than ISIS and thus remained the ‘existential’ threat to Israel. He argued that if Syria had to fall to one of the two powers, he would prefer it were the ISIS rather than Iran or Iran-backed groups (Syrian army and Hizbullah).

Ya’alon also added that Israel and regional pro-American Sunni Muslim regimes have common interests, as they also feel threatened by Iran and its regional allies.

Ya’alon also claimed that ISIS is going to be defeated sooner or latter no matter how much support it receives from the US and anti-Iran regimes in the region.

Ya’alon’s statement confirmed a widespread belief in Jewish army that ISIS poses no threat to Israel, and that Iran and Iran-backed resistance militias (Hizbullah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad) are of bigger concern. This belief has born out in policy: The Zionist regime has avoided to join the US-led countries to fight ISIS in Syria or Iraq – but has attacked Hizbullah fighters in Syria.

The Zionist leaders who have hidden themselves behind the so-called antisemitism smokescreen for a long time, have now proved beyond doubt that Zionism had nothing to do with the prevailing European hatred of Jews – but it was result of Jewish racism against non-Jews. One early Zionist thinker, Leo Pinsker, had responded to Russian pogroms by writing, “Judeo-phobia is a psychic aberration. As a psychic aberration, it’s hereditary, and as a disease transmitted for two thousands years it’s incurable.” Now the Judeo-phobia has changed into Iran-phobia.



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