Kent State anti-Israel professor investigated by FBI

Julio PinoKent State University (KSU), home to country’s largest Jewish studies facility is in the news again. On January 19, KSU president Dr. Beverly Warren took to social media to calm fears of parents and students after Jewish Fox Network reported that one of KSU professor was being investigated for possible links to the US-Israel created ISIS.

On Wednesday, several other Jewish sources reported that a joint FBI and Homeland Security, a Jewish racket, task force has been investigating professor Julio Cesar Pino for his alleged involvement with ISIS.

Dr. Julio Pino, 46, is a Cuban-US academic, who converted to Islam in 2000. Since then, he has been a target of powerful Jewish lobby for his criticism of the Zionist regime.

In August 2011, Pino irked the Jewish lobby when during a Q &A session he challenged Israeli consul Ishmael Khaldi’s propaganda lies about Palestinians and Muslims at large. The KSU Jewish groups accused Pino of yelling Death to Israel, which is a common slogan at the annual Al-Quds Day commemorations in over 40 countries.

On October, 31, 2011, professor Steven Plaut (University of Haifa), in an article published by David Horowitz’s FrontPage magazine, blasted KSU president Lester A. Lefton (Jewish) for not firing Dr. Pino. He wrote: Kent State is home to one of the worst tenured jihadists and pseudo-academic barbarians on the planet. Since he converted to Islam and took name Assad Jabril Pino, he has been a professional antisemite and rabble rouser against Israel. He routinely criticize Israel for perpetuating genocides and Nazi-like crimes. We sure would like to hear why the FBI has never done anything about Pino problem.

Dr. Lester A. Lefton is great fan of Elie Weisel. He invited the Holocaust hoaxer to deliver a lecture at KSU in 2013 (here).

The notorious pro-Israel, anti-Muslim Clarion Project claimes that Dr. Pino praised Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, a US-Israel bogey, for joining ISIS.

in-sadr-city[1]In 2007, some pro-Israeli filth even drew a cartoon to mock Dr. Pino.

Dr. Pino has rejected Jewish lobby allegations, saying: I cannot stop them misinterpreting my statements and intentions to serve their evil agenda.

In the United States, Canada, Britain, and several other European nations academic freedom has limitations especially if it concerns Israel and Islam.

Dr. Pino has survived so far at the KSU thanks to campus’ strict commitment to freedom of speech. KSU has become a guiding light for other campuses especially University of California, Irvine where ten Muslim students from UC Irvine were convicted for challenging Israeli ambassador Michael Oren’s lies about Palestine, Lebanon and Iran.


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