Ted Cruz and New York ‘Jewish values’

29a3[1]Canada-born Sen. Ted Cruz, with Cuban Jewish family roots and receiver of Defender of Israel award, is under fire from some Jewish lobby groups for accusing Donald Trump of representing New York values during last week presidential primaries. In response, Trump told Cruz to go back to Canada.

Ted Cruz claimed that New York represent pro-gay, pro-abortion, money, and media center.

I don’t think Ted Cruz tried to insult Trump’s Jewish family links or his long nose – but the fact remains that most of Americans outside New York consider New Yorkers, Jewish and rich.

As far New York values are concerned, US vice-president Joe Biden, whose both son and daughter are married into Zionist Jewish families, told a group of Jewish leaders on May 21, 2013, American values are Jewish.

Jewish heritage has shaped who we are – all of us – as much or more than any other factor in the last 223 years. And that’s a fact,” Said Biden.

New York does have many Jewish landmarks. It’s home to world’s second largest Jewish population (2 million) after Tel Aviv (2.5 million). New York have several Jewish Mayors, for example, Fiorello La Guardia (born Abraham David Birnbaum), Abraham David Beame, billionaires Ed Koch and Michael Bloomberg. New York Jewish governors include Herbert H. Lehman and Eliot Spitzer.

New York is home to Jewish-controlled Hollywood, Wall Street, and the Governor Island.

On January 17, New York-born Eric Margolis, former war reporter at Toronto daily The Sun for 27 years and author, who was fired under pressure from ZOG in Ottawa, commented on Ted Cruz’s remarks as follow.

Each summer I was sent off to camp in New Hampshire to escape polio epidemics in New York. Around the jolly old campfire, my fellow camp-mates would sing, for the benefit of the few New Yorkers (who were all assumed to be Jewish), all you guys with long, long noses, come and join the fight for Moses, fight, fight, fight for Palestine.

When I was in the US Army (unlike the fire-breathing Trump or Cruz) one risked being beaten up at night if exposed as a New Yorker. When getting tropical shots for Vietnam, I was asked by a sergeant, where are you from, son.

Foolishly, I replied, New York City. Bad move. The sergeant yelled out, hey, we got one those rich bastards from New York. Twenty medics attacked my arms with needles, leaving them bleeding.

Sen. Cruz, New Yorkers are nasty people. They would kill for a taxi, never hold doors, are always in a rush (the famed New York minute) and unfailingly rude and pushy. They don’t attend church or join Rotary or Lions Clubs, and eat French and Italian food. New York’s kamikaze taxis are piloted by Muslims, Sikhs and Sri Lankans.


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