Bronx elite Jewish School bans Swastika

zionism[1]When it comes to anti-Islam bigotry, the pro-Israel western politicians and Jewish press are found working 24/7. While Jewish press rarely misses a chance to exploit some wrong done by a Muslim individual – it usually ignore anti-Muslim bigotry within non-Muslim communities.

Currently, when every US presidential candidate is suffering from the non-existent Islamic threat, none of these paranoids have dared to mention Jewish bigotry against Hindu minority right in Bronx, New York.

Jewish parents were outraged at an elite Jewish Ethical Culture Fieldston School ($45,100 per year) when a 6th grader incorporated a Swastika into an art project as sacred symbol based on his parents’ Hindu religious background.

As the threats from Jewish parents and donors grew, the school management held a special meeting with the crying wolves to discuss the kid’s drawing. A decision was made and the top gun at the school then wrote to every student’s family to insist that, however innocent in intent, the Swastika shouldn’t appear anywhere, on school ground.

The symbol Swastika represents different meanings for different Hindu castes; “peace” for upper classes, and “racism” for the untouchables (Dalit). However, it existed thousands of years before Nazis adopted it as sign of Aryan purity.

The two-inverted triangles (six-pointed star) is a Pagan symbol and has nothing to do with prophet David. It was adopted by the Illuminati satanic cult in modern history. In the past the hexagram existed in Hindu religion as Shatkona. It was also used by Babylonian, Egyptians and Assyrians in the past. Israelites worshiped star gods such as Remphan and Chiun. The Juist-controlled ultra-wealthy Rothschild family use it to steal world’s wealth.

The six-sided star numerically equals 666 (6-points, 6-triangles, 6-sided hexagon) here.


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