Islam: Earth is a Mosque

On November 29, 2015, French Jewish president Francois Hollande hosted UN conference on climate-change attended by 195 UN members including world’s worst polluters, the western industrial nations led by United States that has the honor of producing 40% of world’s total garbage. The participants reached a “voluntary agreement” to improve their anti-environment activities starting from 2020.

Frankly, after watching the fate of 1997 Kyoto Protocol followed by 2009 Copenhagen Accord, I have guts feeling that the Paris Agreement is going to end-up like several UN resolutions on Palestine and Jammu and Kashmir.

Let’s not forget how Hollande was able to get together leaders from 40 nations to participate the ‘one million march’ in Paris in January 2015 in support of Rothschild-owned French magazine Charlie Hebdo’s right to insult Islam, but not Holocaust. How ironic that the great majority of those leaders who stood along Hollande and Netanyahu, are world’s top abusers of freedom of press.

On August 18, 2015, 60 Muslim religious scholars and environmental experts from 20 countries issued an historic Climate Change Declaration in Istanbul (Turkey).

In 2008, American author and ocean environmental activist, Carl Safina, produced a documentary, entitled Island Islam, showing how Zanzibar religious leaders and fishermen have stopped depleting fishery by applying Islamic teachings.

Afro-American Muslim author, environmental activist, and former college football player Ibrahim Abdul-Matin in his 2010 book, Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet, emphasizes how Islam requires from its followers to care for our planet. He explains in easy steps how ordinary people can save the planet without depending on their governments. Ibrahim also quote his father, a devout Muslim convert, telling him at age five: Earth is a Mosque.

Read Ibrahim’s book review by Canadian writer and author Eric Walberg (here). Also watch Ibrahim interviewed by a Zionist Jew below.


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