Hindu Fascists ransack PIA office in New Delhi

Pakistan International Airlines

On January 14, a Hindu mob belonging to extremist Hindu Shiv Sena ransacked Pakistan International Airline (PIA) office in New Delhi. The mob was led by Shiv Sena president Vishnu Gupta.

On January 15, New Delhi police arrested Visnu Gupta for destroying two computers, printer and miniature replica of PIA airplane kept at the reception desk.

PIA has closed down its office in New Delhi for the security of its staff.

The Hindu hooligans shouted Jai Krishna (Hail Lord Krishna) and anti-Pakistan slogans blaming the neighboring Muslim-majority nation responsible for the recent ‘terrorist attack’ at Indian Air Force (IAF) base in Pathankot (Punjab).

The IAF attack has all marks of a false flag operation conducted by Indian RAW with cooperation from Israeli Mossad to sabotage Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s several meetings with the pro-Israel Indian prime minister Narendra Modi to resolve Indo-Pak issues.

Both India and Pakistan have been targets of CIA-Mossad-RAW terrorism for decades. Last year, Islamabad provided evidence of India’s involvement in terrorism in Pakistan to Ban Ki-moon and John Kerry in order to destabilize the only Muslim nuclear power.

Washington under Jewish lobby pressure is bending backward to secure India’s partnership in implementing Pakistan’s further break-up, and containment of Iran, Russia and China. Recently, Washington opened Pentagon’s doors to arm India just like it has been arming Israel for several decades. However, New Delhi is following Tel Aviv’s duplicity. India is still maintaining good relations with Russia, China, Iran, and other power players.

In a strange way, the US-India love affair has produced some un-expected opportunities for Pakistan. Since the 1950s, Soviet Russia played the part of ‘India’s Guardian’. Pakistan’s first prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan ignored Moscow’s invitation and opted for Washington’s friendship. Moscow put embargo on arms supplies to Pakistan. The US rewarded Khan with his assassination by CIA.

In May 1950, Liaquat Ali Khan an official visit to United States. At a dinner in New York, Jewish businessmen offered him to secure both financial and military aid if Pakistan recognizes Israel. Khan’s polite response was: “Gentlemen, our soul is not for sale.” In 2003, Pakistan’s fourth military dictator Gen. Pervez Musharraf met Dubya George Bush, who promised $3 billion over next five years in return for two tasks; Pakistan must recognize Israel and dispatch its troops to police America’s illegal occupation of Iraq.


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