Tehran offers $50,000 for best Holocaust cartoon

Tehran Municipality has announced a $50,000 cash prize for the Best Holocaust Cartoon at the 11th Tehran International Cartoon Biennial to be held in June 2016.

We don’t mean to approve or deny the Holocaust, however, the main question is that why there is no permission to discuss the Zionist narrative of it (6 million died) despite the West’s boasting of freedom of speech. Moreover, why oppressed Palestinian people are required to pay for the crime they never committed,” says the contest organizer Masud Sojai-Tabatabai.

anti-netanyahu[1]Sojai-Tabatabai also said that a contest focusing on the portrait of Benjamin Netanyahu, has been arranged on the sidelines of the competition.

On Wednesday, Israeli ambassador to United Nations, Danny Danon, an extremist Zionist Jew, wrote to UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon, demanding that he condemn the Iranian cartoon competition. He called the event “an anti-Semitic act” and said Iran is “evil incarnate”.

One wonders on what grounds Holocaust became “anti-Semitic” when only 5% of 13 million Jews around the world could be descendants of Semite tribe. I bet there are more Semite people in Iran than in Israel. Iran is home to 30,000 ancient Jewish people. The heroine of Jewish holy Book of Esther is buried in Iran and Tehran City has seven synagogues.

Interestingly, the Israeli filth didn’t condemn his own entity for holding an exhibition recently to honor Rothschild-owned French magazine Charlie Hebdo, which refused to publish a cartoon mocking Sarkozi’s conversion to Judaism for Jewish money (here) in 2009 – but has a record of publishing anti-Islam and anti-Christian hate cartoons under France’ so-called “Freedom of Press” smokescreen.


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