Pooping on Israeli flag investigation

On January 13, 2016, The Times of Israel reported that Israel’s anti-Zionist Jewish actress Natali Cohen Vaxberg is being investigated by the Zionist regime for defiling Israeli flag in a video she posted in 2014. If found guilty, she could end-up in jail that would certainly far better than the jails where Palestinian ‘stone throwing’ kids are tortured and sexually abused.

The video showing “liberal art”, entitled S*** instead of blood, posted on Natali Cohen Vaxberg’s Facebook page on July 18, 2014 provoked outrage in Israel.

According to Israeli media, deputy state prosecutor Amit Aisman is working with the police to bring anti-state charges against her.

The video shows Vaxberg in a washroom pooping over Israeli, American, British, and several Middle Eastern countries flags. The background music is by Polish Jewish folklore composer Frederic Francois Chopin (1810-1949).

Vaxberg has called her nudity and pooping on national symbols as “work of art”. As a rule the Israel Jews should support her work as they supported Charlie Hebdo magazine’s right to publish anti-Islam cartoons originally commissioned by Jewish editor Flemming Rose of Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

Vaxberg is no stranger to Zionist bullies. In the past she compared Israeli soldiers “Nazis”, for their cruelty and on the fact that nearly 150,000 German Jews served in Nazi army.

Ms Vaxberg has been arrested several times for making fun of Holocaust (watch below), and other Zionist symbol in the past, but never charged.

In September 2012, US president Barack Hussein Obama during his speech at the UN General Assembly, declared Holocaust as new Jewish religion by equating it with Christianity and Islam religions.

Holocaust being a Jewish invention – only Jews are allowed to make fun of it. Read here.


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