Pastor Bakker: ISIS is the Antichrist

Jewish_State[2]TV Evangelist pastors are famous for greed and luxurious life-style. They never feel shame in putting words in their Lord Christ’s mouth to please their Jewish masters for their personal gains. In fact, they rarely mention the name of their Lord Christ during their sermons – instead they talk about Israel and condemn Muslims for planning new Jewish Holocausts. But, somehow some of these Christian Shylocks have also claimed that they travel in private airplanes because Jesus frequently whisper in their ears, and the “revelation” gets interrupted by other passengers while travelling in a commercial airplane. Dubya Bush also had made that claim in the past.

On Monday, evangelist pastor Jim Bakker, 76, blamed US-Israel created ISIS for the current extreme weather in United States and equated it with the Antichrist on The Bakker TV Show.

While discussing what G-d has in store for His Judeo-Christian sheep for 2016, Bakker explained that the Lord told him that people need to wake-up and realize that the extreme weather patterns – like floods, wildfires, record warm temperatures, and unusually strong blizzards – were a warning from G-d.

The extreme weather over the Christmas holiday proved that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were out of the barn. The white horse of the Antichrist spirit, the ISIS spirit, it’s there but we don’t know it,” Bakker explained.

Personally, I don’t believe the Christian myths of Antichrist being Jewish (pastor Pat Robertson, 2002) or Jesus’ second-coming to convert Jews to Christianity (pastor John Hagee), or 425,000 nerds at Google claiming Pope Francis to be Antichrist. Muslims have a totally different concept of Antichrist, known as Dajjal in Arabic language.

Some readers may remember James Bakker and his first wife Tammy Faye TV ministry (PTL) scandal. In 1987 Bakker was accused of having sex with his secretary Jessica Hahn (now an American nude model and actress). As result, Jim Bakker spent five years in jail. Currently he is charming his Christian sheep with second wife Lori Bakker. Both have mansions, a fleet of expensive cars, and even an air-conditioned doghouse.

Jim and Faye’s only son Jay Bakker in his biography, Son of a Preacher Man, tells the story of how he battled to overcome his parent’s demon as well as his own. “I see this book as a small step but also a really important step of putting things behind me,” says Jay. 

In case you think such ‘religious nuts’ only exist among evangelists – I got a surprise for you. In September 2005, Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Lewin, executive director of the Rabbinic Congress for Peace said: “Katrina disaster is a consequence of destruction of Jewish settlement (Gush Katif) in Gaza Strip with America’s urging and encouragement. The US should have discouraged Israeli prime minister Gen. Ariel Sharon from implementing the Gaza evacuation rather than pushing for it and pressing Israel into concessions.”


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