Hitler’s Mein Kampf sold-out in one day

MeinKampf[1]All 2000 copies of Judaized reprint of Hitler’s Mein Kampf released on Friday, were sold out the same day. The publisher, Munich Institute for Contemporary History, of the 200-page revised book said that he has received orders for four times as many books as they had printed.

The two-volume Mein Kampf has “explanatory comments” by a panel of Jewish and Zionist Christian “historian” to prove that Adolph Hitler and Nazis were the most corrupt, mentally drained and the greatest Jew-hater on the surface of earth. The new edition was sold for $63.

Hitler was not the writer of Mein Kampf. The book is based on Hitler’s childhood, youth and his future plans for his fatherland as he dictated to typists Rudolf Hess and Emil Maurice in prison during 1923-24, and later at an inn at Berchtesgaden. It was nine years before Hitler became Chancellor and 20 years before Hollywood director Spielberg found out that Eleven Million Jews were killed.

In retail stores in India, the book enjoys strong popularity as a self-help book for Hindu nationalists. A comic-book edition was issued in Japan. A new generation of aficionados is also rising among the surging ranks of the far right in Europe. The neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party in Greece for instance, has stocked Mein Kampf at its bookstore in Athens.

Canadian Jewish academic Henry Makow, PhD, in an article published on July 6, 2007 claimed Hitler was not a Jew hater but anti-Jewish bankers. He also claims the Jewish bankers were behind WWI and WWII.

War, including the so-called “war on terror” (read War on Islam), is designed to create a world police state to protect the central banker monopoly on power and wealth. With the exception of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, it doesn’t really matter who gets elected. They all work for the central bankers,” Makow said.


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