Brazil’s first gay MP finds paradise in Israel

Brazilian academic and country’s first openly gay legislator Jean Wyllys‘s recent visit to the Zionist entity has given a booster to the ‘Jewish state’s’ LGBT tourism, but created quite an uproar at Catholic home front not for being a gay but for providing Netanyahu another excuse to demonize Brazil’s president Dilma Vana Rousseff, who has refused to accept Israel’s new ambassador, Dani Dayan, an illegal Jewish settler in the West Bank.

Netanyahu has never liked president Rousseff due to her criticism of Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories since June 1967, and her friendship with anti-Zionist leaders like Venezuelan late president Hugo Chavez, Iran’s former president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Argentina’s former president Christina Kirchner. Washington has no love for her either. She took arms against US-installed military dictatorship in Brazil in 1964. Both Obama and Netanyahu having been involved in covert regime change operations in Brazil.

Wyllys, 41, member of Socialism and Liberty Party along with other four party members was elected to Brazilian Congress in 2010. He was in Israel to attend a conference, entitled, Brazil and Israel: Social and Cultural Challenges, held at Israel’s Hebrew University in Jerusalem, on January 5-6, 2016.

The conference’s Israeli agenda claimed: “Brazil and Israel are two countries with complex social, cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity. In both countries the state and civil society have been involved in addressing issues of cultural diversity, tolerance, and inclusiveness. Programs and policies have been developed to overcome historic marginalization of different groups, with varying degrees of success, and at times in spite of criticism by other sectors of their respective countries.”

In other words, except one million indigenous people, the rest of 206 million Brazilians are aliens like the six million Jews occupying Palestine!

Wyllys pro-Zionist rants have not only infuriated fellow lawmakers and pro-Palestinian groups in Brazil, but also some of his fellow gays over Israel’s Pinkwashing tactic to show the world a “tolerant” face of Zionist imperialism.

The Hebrew University is famous for anti-Palestinian human rights abuse. Its Mount Scopus campus is built on Palestinian landed stolen from them as result of 1968 illegal confiscation of 3345 dunums of Palestinian land, which is deemed occupied territory under international law.

On Tuesday, Wyllys posted a smiling photo of himself in front of the Hebrew University on his Facebook account. The attached comment read: I am very happy and thrilled for the opportunity to visit, for the first time, this city full of history. Tomorrow I will give a lecture about anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia and other forms of hate and prejudice and the relation to contemporary politics.


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