Lobby: Pakistan don’t want peace with India!

Kashmir-dispute[1]Forget that India has annexed Muslim states Hyderabad, Junagadh, Bhopal, Pataudi, and 70% of Jammu and Kashmir valley within first year of it independence on August 15, 1947. Forget that Pakistan fought India’s three major invasions and lost its eastern province of Pakistan, which became a Hindu colony of Bangladesh in 1971. Forget Israeli alliance with Hindu extremist organizations’ non-stop terrorism against Pakistan and India’s 140 million Muslim minority.

Not only the leaders of Hindutva still refuse to recognize the partition of India in 1947, they also discriminate Hindus who immigrated from Pakistan as result of the partition (Shweta Deasi, Al-Jazeera, February 18, 2014).

Hindus fascists have been responsible for over 200 anti-Muslim riots since partition. The major riots include Babri Mosque, 1969 Gujarat riots, 1989 Bhagalpur riots, and Modi-led 2002 Gujarat massacre that resulted in death of 2,000 Muslims and rape of hundreds of Muslim girls and women.

In contrast, Pakistan’s Hindu minority (less than 0.5%) that lives mostly in Sindh province neighboring India, has never been targeted by Saudi-funded Wahabbi gangs, who are too occupied killing Shi’ites.

In November 2015, India’s former foreign minister Salman Khurshid claimed that Modi’s government doesn’t want to live in peace with Pakistan.

When Congress party was in power, BJP had been pressuring it not to normalize ties with Pakistan. India has not responded to Pakistan’s overtures for peace in South Asia the way it should have,” Khurshid said.

Despite all that, the American Jewish lobbyists have no shame to continue their anti-Pakistan propaganda. The latest piece of shit on this subject, entitled, What Washington should do to help India-Pakistan ties, came from Dr. Alyssa Ayres, a life-fellow at Washington-based powerful Zionist advocacy group, CFR, and Obama’s former deputy assistant secretary of state for South Asia (2010-2013). Her so-called “research” was published on January 7, 2016 by the War on the Rocks, an internet propaganda outlet of the Center for the National Interest, a Jewish think tank.

Alyssa Ayres, first claims that Pakistan as compared to India, is not a trustworthy ally of United States due to country’s record of terrorism and hatred of Israel. Then she paints Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, a US-Israeli poodle and a Muslim hater, as an international statesman who is struggling to achieve prosperity for Indian masses (according to Oxford study, 51% of Indian population lives below poverty line), and peaceful co-existence with India’s neighbors.

In order to support her claim, she calls Muslim resistance in Jammu and Kashmir as “terrorism” and accuses Pakistan and ‘Islamists’ of all RAW-Mossad-CIA terrorist false flag operations in India and Pakistan. She blames Pakistan for the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, an Israeli Mossad false flag operation to start a new war against Pakistan, the only Muslim nuclear power.

She doesn’t mention the Chabad Centers in India and around the world, which act as Israeli Mossad terrorist control rooms.

So what is Alyssa Ayres’ advice to Washington to improve India-Pakistan relations? “Washington should press Islamabad even more firmly to get serious about curbing all terrorist groups, not just the ones that attack Pakistan. This is important not only for regional stability, but also for maintaining US consistency and credibility in fighting terrorism,” she wrote.


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