Israel bans Canadian book on religious racism

black+white+couple[1]The so-called the only democracy in the Middle East has banned award-wining Canadian author Allan Straton’s 2014 novel Borderline in high school curriculum over fear that it could encourage sex or intermarriage between Israeli Jewish women and non-Jewish Arabs, Blacks, or even Black Jews. The Israelis who disobey this law, the male lover could end up in jail on rape charges for having kosher sex with her Jewish girlfriend. But the Jewish woman is considered “victim” in the eyes of the law. Watch a video below.

The novel is based on the story of 15-year-old US-born Muhammad Sabiri attending a private school filled with White kids from the 1% rich families in New York before Israel’s 9/11. Since the kid couldn’t change the color of his skin, he shortened his name to Sami Hammed to mingle in the crowd. But, it didn’t make any difference. He was still insulted and bullied by the White boys based on their racist White upbringings.

Furthermore, Sami’s parents so-called “backward Islamic traditions”, the poor chap was not allowed to enjoy usual American pricks, such as, having a girlfriend, going to bar, or spending a weekend at cottage with boys and girls from the school.

If that was not bad enough, one day FBI raided his house and arrested his father Arman. Sami thought his father had an affair with another woman, but later he learned that his father was accused of being part of terrorism headquartered in my city Toronto (Canada).

The book is about a Muslim family’s experience of race, class, prejudice, western moral values, Islamic traditions in western society. However, in the end Stratton tells his readers that young Sami does everything in his power to help his father whom he believe to be innocent, and framed by FBI to demonize Muslims and Islam.

Israel’s anti intermarriage laws are copy of Hitler’s 1935 ‘Aryan Law’ which made it illegal a marriage between Christian Germans and Jews. European colonist practiced similar sex-racism in South Africa, Nigeria, India, Algeria and the Middle East.

The anti-assimilation Jewish terrorist organization Lehava is funded by Israeli government. It’s racist thugs petrol streets and bars to catch Jewish-non-Jewish lovers. They have also been involved in burning churches.


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