Hizbullah bomb kills Israeli military officer

BlastLast month, Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel he would revenge the killing of Lebanese Druze commander Samir al-Kuntar, who was martyred by an Israeli missile in Syria on December 20, 2015.

On Monday, Hizbullah rocket hit an Israeli military patrol vehicle in the Shebaa Farms in South Lebanon, a small piece of Lebanese territory still occupied by Jewish army since 1980s. On Tuesday, Israeli army admitted that the blast killed one officer and injured one soldier.

Hizbullah said in a statement that the explosive device was detonated in the Shebaa farms area by Hizbullah resistance patrol named after Samir Kuntar.

Israel army fired ten shells at several villages in Southern Lebanon damaging a few houses and shops. No person was reported killed or injured according to the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon. Sicilian-born Major-General Luciano Portolano, head of UNIFIL urged both sides to avoid escalation, saying UNIFIL had stepped up patrols on the ground after the incident.

Hizbullah is the only Arab militia which has defeated Israeli army twice, in 2000 when it liberated Southern Lebanon from Israel’s 20-year occupation with the exception of Shebaa Farms, and in 2006 that totally demoralized the Jewish army. Since then, Hizbullah has earned the title of The Defender of Lebanon, which has been acknowledged by country’s Christian presidents and Israeli leaders. In 2009, Benjamin Netanyahu said that Hizbullah is Lebanon’s real army.

Netanyahu was not lying for a change because Lebanon doesn’t have an army , not even a conventional one. Lebanon has only border security personnel without tanks, jet-fighters, gunships, no Iron Dome, and no navy ship. Lebanon’s French colonists made sure that when they leave, Lebanese “army” doesn’t pose a threat to Israel.


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