UK’s anti-Black ‘Jewish Scandal’

Last week, the leader of British prime minister David Cameron’s cabinet and his senior-most adviser, Oliver Letwin, was exposed for his racism against 4% of country’s African population.

In recently released government archives, there is a memo written 30-year-ago by Oliver Letwin, then a junior adviser to UK’s former prime minister Margaret Thatcher, a Zionist poodle, in which he advised her to ban all government benefits to African citizens who were protesting against police brutality during the Tottenham Broadwater Farm riots in 1985. The Blacks were protesting the death of Broadwater Farm resident Cynthia Jarrett died of beating she received at the hands of four policemen burst into her home during a raid on 5 October 1985. Police said they were looking for property stolen by her son; they found none.

Historically, as a Jew, Letwin was not out of line. Jews have history of hatred toward Black people, even if they’re Jewish.

Letwin is Conservative MP from West Dorest since 1997. He is member of Conservative Friends of Israel. In 2010, he was appointed Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster.

Letwin is a close friend of two other Israel-First British Jewish traitors involved in Liam Fox Affair.

Letwin like GOP presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, edited his Wikipedia profile, and his religion from Judaism to Atheism. I have no problem with that, as from Theodor Herzl to Gen. Ariel Sharon, all Zionist Jewish leaders have claimed to be atheists.

Most White supremacist and anti-immigration writers including Peter Hitchens and John Derbyshire have supported Letwin’s Talmudic prophecy 30 years ago that non-White immigration is not good for the western world.


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