Rabbi Maller: Islam is ‘religion of tolerance’

On December 14, 2015, two pro-Israel Jewish propaganda outlets, Washington Post and ABC News released result of their poll, asking participants whether American think Islam encourages violence. The poll found that only 28% of Americans agreed with the question (their information based on Jewish/Zionist Jingoism), while 54% called Islam a peaceful religion.

Reformed Rabbi Allen S. Maller, led Temple Akiba in Culver City, CA for 39 years before retiring in 2006. He taught at University of Judaism in Las Angeles, and is author of several books and has penned columns for several Jewish publications. Rabbi Maller believes the West’s main problem with Islam is that it’s different philosophy from Judaism and Christianity. While both earlier Abrahamic religions got rid off religious ethics from politics, Islamic teachings refuse to separate religious ethics from politics and day-to-day social life.

Islam is not more violent than medieval Christianity or Biblical Judaism. But in the last two centuries, western democracies have learned the importance of the principle of separation of Church and State to civil peace. Also the wide spread separation of Church and State that is now normal in Europe and North America has kept religion out of political and military conflicts between different nations,” Rabbi Allen S. Maller said on December 28, 2015.

I’m sure anyone who read western history from some objective source, would know that murder of over 150 million natives in Americana, Australia and New Zealand, or murder of 100 million African slaves, or 105 million people killed during WWI and WWII, had to do with Jewish or Christian religion.

FBI in its 2006 report admitted that only 6% of terrorist activities on US soil was carried out by Muslim extremists between 1980-2005 as compared to 7% by Jews and rest by Christian extremists.

Rabbi Maller, while active at Temple Akiba, penned an article, entitled, A Reform Rabbi Learns from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Rabbi Maller admits that Holy Qur’an is the only Divine Book that recognizes all the prophets mentioned in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Most of Rabbi Maller’s narrative of history of Children of Israel is true but sometime he got carried away. For example he claims that prophet Abraham and his two sons Ishmael and Isaac were also Children of Israel (Banu Israel aka Yahud), which is historically incorrect. The Qur’anic term Children of Israel begins with the twelve sons of prophet Ya’kub (Jacob), whose other name was Israel.

As a Reform Rabbi, I believe the Muhammad was a prophet to the Arab people. I believe Qur’an is as true for Muslims as the Torah (OT) is true for Jews,” Rabbi Maller said.

Rabbi is wrong. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born in Arabia, but his message was not just for Arabs. Holy Qur’an claims that all the prophet before Muhammad were sent to different nations and tribes with Divine message to look after their particular needs – but Muhammad was sent with the Divine message for the entire humanity as long as it survive on Earth.

Furthermore, researchers have concluded that Torah was written by rabbis over 1500 years after the death of Moses and Ingil (NT) was written 100 year after the disappearance of Jesus by people who never met or heard Jesus in person. Holy Qur’an, on the other hand, was written and memorized by Muslims during the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

American author Michael H. Hart, PhD, in his 1978 book: The 100: Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, proved the universality of Prophet Muhammad’s personality and his message over Jesus, David and all the world leaders since Adam.

I do respect Qur’an very much as a kindred revelation given in a kindred language, to the descendants of kindred people. Following Muhammad’s teaching I neither believe nor disbelieve in Qur’an. If I believe in the Qur’an, I would be a member of the Muslim community. If I disbelieve in the Qur’an I would be a member of the atheist community or of those communities that think that only their religion is the one true religion,” Rabbi Maller said.

This the very reason, Islamic Shari’ah condemns insulting (blasphemy) founders of all religions. However, there is no punishment mentioned for this evil act in Holy Qur’an or the Prophetic Traditions. If it had been, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would have ordered the killing of all those Jews, Christians and pagans, who insulted Allah and the prophet himself. Many of these people accepted Islam later on.

The strong support that Qur’an gives to religious pluralism is a lesson that is sorely needed by the religious fundamentalists of all religions in the world today, Rabbi Maller said.

Tamam Kahn, American author and poetess, in her book, UNTOLD: A History of the Wives of Prophet Muhammad, calls the Prophet of Islam the greatest defender of women’s rights among all the religions. She describes how the prophet married two young Jewish widows in order to get freedom for the members of their tribes captured as POWs (here).


2 responses to “Rabbi Maller: Islam is ‘religion of tolerance’

  1. The idea that the Holy Books say what they’re all about is “interesting”… for example “Holy Qur’an claims that all the prophet before Muhammad were sent to different nations and tribes with Divine message to look after their particular needs – but Muhammad was sent with the Divine message for the entire humanity as long as it survive on Earth.”
    It’s pretty obvious that Qur’an was aimed primarily at Arabs… and its worship is centered there… and has the Arab culture to thank for its spread.
    There are “universal” messages in EVERY holy scripture… because people share a lot of traits universally. Those who wrote down the Qur’an had the advantage of being “the Latest” sacred book (discounting a few other claimants- eg the Book of Mormon, & others). So it could have “learned” something from the other earlier scriptures… and applied that knowledge to its teaching. I don’t think any of them have it all “right”… given that people continue to learn about ourselves and the world around us… and that knowledge should affect our behavior to ourselves, and to one another.
    The cultural discrimination against women found in many older scriptures and “sacred writings” tells me that Something happened when “we” began farming and gave up hunter/gatherer lifestyles. It was more important to protect our “permanent” dwellings, and pretty soon there were armies, and women weren’t as “valuable” in this pursuit. So the people in charge made a point that women weren’t as important… and eventually were treated more like Property… like cattle… valued for the fact that they could create more “people” (and, hopefully, more soldiers). Times are changing. ^..^

    • As usual, you didn’t read rabbi’s message or my comments without your anti-religion pro-LGBT blinkers.

      If Islam had come only for Arabs then all three Abrahamic religions are Arabs or Palestinians, because all nine prophets mentioned in OT and NT were born in the region now called the ARAB WORLD – but it did not happen and Moses, David, Solomon, John the Baptist and Jesus all became European White folks.

      If Holy Qur’an was written by Arab authors and was not a Divine revelation – then can you explain why these western scientists and medical researchers claim that many modern scientific and medical discoveries are mentioned in Holy Qur’an written 1400 years ago?


      Women’s are still not liberated in the Christian and atheist dominated West. Americans have been waiting over 350 years to have a female president or vice-president. Contrary to that Bangladesh has two women head of government during the last 30 years.

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