Italy: ‘Radio Islam’ and the Jewish Lobby

italy[1]Italian police is investigating a Muslim website Radio Islam for publishing a list of member of country’s influential Jewish Lobby on its Italian language page – reported by Israel daily Jerusalem Post on December 24, 2015.

The leaders of the Organized Jewry have called that list, shear anti-Semitism because it would incite hatred of Jewish leaders among the country’s Catholic majority.

Renzo Gattegna, president of Italian Jewish Committee, called “the investigation an important step”.

The list has also been condemned by leaders of country’s Jewish controlled mainstream media. Guiseppe Giuliette and Raffaele Lorusso (both Jewish), chairman and secretary-general of the National Federation of Italian Press said in a statement: “It firstly offends Muslims that have chosen the path of dialogue and respect. The list reminiscent of the dark ages and walls we should all breakdown.”

I bet the two dudes know that in the dark ages, Jews were forced to wear a sign around their necks, saying: “I’m the bastard who killed your Lord Christ“, while entering the Vatican city. At the same time, Jews in Muslim Spain and next-door Muslim Sicily became part of the ruling classes.

Some pro-Israel groups and lawmakers have demanded that the site be shutdown.

The Radio Islam program was founded by Lt. Ahmed Rami, a Moroccan exile in Sweden to expose Western colonists’ tyranny in Muslim countries especially in his mother land. After he exposed Israeli Mossad hands in the exodus of Moroccan Jews, the Italian Jewish Lobby turned against Ahmed Rami, which resulted in banning his radio program in the 1990s. Later, Rami started his current news and Islamic propagation internet website.

Ahmed Rami is proud receiver of awards like “Antisemite, Israel hater and Holocaust denier”.

In April 2010, Italian court sent blogger Paolo Munzi to jail for six months for posting a list 162 members of Italy’s Jewish Lobby. The list was posted in February 2008, and listed names of Italian lawyers, academics, politicians, bankers and religious leaders, both Jews and Christians – but all of them had signed pro-Israel petitions.

Italian government, media, banks and even the Vatican, are all controlled by the Organized Jewry (here, here).


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    another piece of shit, Murdoch…

    Happy New Year Rehmat.. regards, Joop & Ans Jansen

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