Ex-UK Jewish FM earns $600K for helping refugees

While refugee bashing especially Muslims has become a fashion in the western nations, some Jewish politicians are making fortune out of millions of civilians escaping western colonial wars in the Middle East and Africa.

Former British foreign minister David Miliband (Jewish), 50, earns almost three times more than the UK prime minister David Cameron (boasts his Jewish family roots) in his role as president and CEO of NY-based refugee charity, International Rescue Committee (IRC).

David Miliband served as British FM during 2007-2010 in Gordon Brown government. Had he stayed on as FM, Miliband would be earning just $198,000 per year.

The IRS founded in the 1930s, is a link in the CIA’s covert network. It’s 501c (3) tax-exempt organization.

Few days ago, Jewish comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and actress wife Isla Fisher donated $1 million to help Syrians made refugees by US proxy war for Israel. The money is split between IRS ($500,000), and UK-based Save the Children($500,000). Justin Forsyth (Jewish), CEO Save the Children earned $450,000 per year. Samantha Blair, wife of former British prime minister Tony Blair, a war criminal, earns $210,000 per year as “Ambassador” of Save the Children.

Sacha and Isla’s donation is a great expression of humanity, and a challenge to do more for the most vulnerable,” IRC chief David Miliband said. “I hope it is an example to many others seeking practical ways of making a difference during the Christmas and New Year season.” Pity, the donation wouldn’t even cover Miliband’s salary.

In September 2015, Russian president Vladimir Putin blamed Zionist-controlled United States and European Union for creating the current refugee crisis. Putin also said that Syrians are not running away from Bashar al-Assad regime but ISIS, the terrorist militia created by the US for Israel.


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