Labour Jewish leader: Jeremy Corbyn is ‘rubbish’

Last week, UK’s Labour Party’s vice-Chairperson of Friends of Israel Rebecca Simon speaking at a forum entitled, Re-examining the community’s relationship with the Labour party, called her party leader Jeremy Corbyn, Rubbish.

People are not going to know how to vote. They will on the one hand want to support their party, one they have been card-carrying members for all their lives, but then no one wants to vote for a leader they think is rubbish. And he is rubbish – never mind about the Israel stuff, he is just not a credible opposition,” she was quoted saying by Rosa Doherty at Jewish Chronicle, December 30, 2015.

The forum was attended by over a hundred Jewish members of Labour party. She told them that the relationship had fractured because of hostile attitudes towards Israel. Under Corbyn, she said, Israel has fundamentally been delegitimized.

However, she told her Jewish colleagues they can burn brass and drop their pants, but urged them not to burn party membership cards, because that would leave the Labour party in the hands of anti-Israel members who support Corbyn.

Rebecca Simon also lamented that there wouldn’t be an anti-Corbyn coup in the party and the Friends of Israel have no other choice but bear Corbyn until 2020.

She said Jews in the party would have to become more active to counter such a strong anti-Israel force that was going out there to knock on doors. Corbyn is not a credible leader, but she don’t expect him to step down at any point.

The Zionist Jewess also predicted that based on Corbyn’s anti-Israel record, Labour party has no hope of winning the next election.

I certainly share Rebecca Simon’s ‘Jewish pain’. After the disappearance of paedophile Jewish Lord Greville Janner, the Friend of Israel cannot afford to lose another leader of country’s Jewish Lobby.

Jeremy Corbyn is not a 9/11 truther as accused by the UK’s Jewish Lobby.


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