Putin meets ‘twin’ Modi

During India’s invasion of East Pakistan (Bangladesh) in 1971, Indian Hindu media used to boast: Hindi-Russi Bhai Bhai (Indian and Russians are like brothers) in appreciation to Soviet’s (Communist/Jewish) supply of military hardware to Indian army and Moscow’s support at the UNSC. America, Pakistan’s ally, put a dagger in Pakistan’s back by banning supply of military spare parts.

This Hindu-Russian collaboration was reconfirmed in a joint statement, issued at a meeting between friends of Israel, Russian president Vladimir Putin and the visiting India’s prime minister Narendra Modi on Christmas Eve in Moscow.

Putin and Modi voiced resolute and decisive support for the people and government of Syria and Iraq in their efforts to overcome the current crisis and defend the country’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, the Russian and Indian leaders said in their joint statement stressing the importance of reaching national reconciliation and unity in Syria and Iraq by forming an inclusive state system and strengthening national democratic institutions by creation of relevant opportunities.

It is important Russia and India make similar approaches to key international problems. Our countries are for a political settlement of the conflict in Syria and promotion of national reconciliation in Afghanistan. We believe that India is a great power that conducts a balanced and responsible foreign policy and is one of the most worthy candidates for taking the seat of a permanent member on the UN Security Council,” Putin said after the meeting.

In May, 2014, Scottish writer and author William Dalrymple during an interview at CNN had called Modi an Indian Putin. Well, Indian Muslims knows Narendra Modi’s long history of Muslim hatred and massacre in Gujarat state in 2002.

The two self-denials must be thinking that 1.7 billion Muslims have forgotten their crimes against Muslims. Both India and Russia are colonial powers that are occupying several Muslim lands. India annexed Jammu and Kashmir, Hyderabad, and Jungadh through military actions. Russia annexed Chechnya, Crimea, South Ossetia, Siberia, Ingushetia, Kergyzia, and Turkamania.

The world-renowned Indian author and human rights activist Arundhati Roy was jailed for saying that Kashmir is not part of India in 2010. Recently, when she was asked by John Cusack, American actor and producer, to tell something about her motherland, she replied: “Which India? The land of poetry and rebellion? The one that invented the caste system, and celebrates the genocide of Muslims and Sikhs and lynching of Dalits?”

So the question is, why Putin has put his neck out in Syria after watching Syrian bloodshed on the sidelines for more than three years? Simply put, it’s all about the security of Israel. Both the US and USSR were the first countries to recognize Jewish occupation of Palestine on May 14, 1948 within a space of two hours. All the Arab rulers, pro-Russian (Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, etc.) or pro-US (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, etc.) never threatened the Zionist entity in the past.

The Syrian Holocaust is a pre-planned part of Zionists’ dream of Eretez Yisrael (Greater Israel).


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