Israel and ISIS join in human organ trafficking

Jewish media’s latest smoking gun: American soldiers during an attack on ISIS target in Iraq found a Fatwa issued by ISIS Jewish mufti Elliot Simons aka Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi saying that sale of human organs of their victims to fund ISIS war over Israel’s enemies, is 101% kosher.

Some readers may remember the so-called “hijacked” UA Flight 93, which was destroyed by a missile in sky while on its way to crash into the White House. Well, FBI was unable to find a single passenger or crew body parts or the Black Box, but it did find a few pages from Holy Qur’an untouched by the deadly blast!

In fact, body-part removal accusation was first made by Iraqi ambassador at UN Mohamed Alhakim in February 2015. He urging the United Nation Security Council to investigate the death of 12 doctors in Mosul in Iraq. He claimed that they were killed after they refused to remove organs from the bodies.

Some of the bodies we found were mutilated, and some parts of the bodies missing. The backs of the bodies were found cut and kidneys were found missing,” he told the reporters.

Iraqi accusations were laughed at by US ambassador at UN, Samantha Power, and the Jewish-controlled media.

Israel has, in the past, been a center of human organ trafficking operation around the world. Israeli doctors have been caught in this billion dollar trade in Haiti, Madagascar, Kosva, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Chad, Nepal, and even in United States (here).

Since the US-Israel war on Syria beginning in 2011, Netanyahu has reportedly visited several Israeli clinics along Syrian border where Israeli doctors operate on the wounded ISIL and other rebels fighting Syrian army and Hizbullah fighters. Based on Israel’s reputation in organ harvesting – there is very likelihood that patients’ organs could be stolen without their knowledge.


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