Eric Walberg: Iran can save the Middle East

IMAGE635837052860624240[1]The only honorable alternative for the United States to protect its national interests in the Middle East is to distance itself from Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, which have created bloodshed in the region for decades, and make an alliance with the Islamic Republic of Iran – the sooner the better.

The above observation was made by Canadian writer, journalist and author, Eric Walberg, in a recent interview he gave to the Al-Quds news media.

However, Eric Walberg pointed out that considering the incredible political, economical and media muscles carried by the Jewish and evangelical Christians in America – it’s almost impossible for a US president to pressure Israel over American interests in the region.

Eric Margolis also confirms that the four-year-old Syrian conflict is an Israeli project with the sole purpose of isolating it from the anti-Israel alliance of Iran-Hizbullah-Iraq.

Earlier this year, David Steele, a 20-year US Marine intelligence officer and former CIA counter-terrorism official, had claimed that there was no “Islamic” Al-Qaeda or other “Islamic” terrorist groups. He asserted that all terrorist events for which Muslims were blamed, in fact false flag operations committed by US intelligence agencies with the help of their foreign collaborators.

Netanyahu has made it clear more than once that he has no intention as prime minister of ceding any more settlements or of stopping their expansion. His goal is to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel, to lead the way to destruction of al-Aqsa Mosque and the building on Temple Mount, a Jewish temple dedicated to King Solomon,” Walberg said.

This (Israel-Turkey-Saudi Arabia) coalition is literally a pact among devils. It can only lead to further unnecessary bloodshed. The only consolation is that their schemes are bound to fail. The only honorable coalition is that of Iran, Russia, Hizbullah and Syria. What is needed, at the very least, is a ‘coalition of the coalitions’ to deal with ISIS in Syria and Iraq,” Walberg added.

Sunni anti-Shia sectarianism has weakened the Sunni case everywhere. A ‘New World’ in the region requires reconciliation with Iran in particular, and between Sunni and Shia in general, whether it be in Iraq, Yemen, or Bahrain. US-Saudi acts there show that long-term Sunni dominance and persecution of Shia continues to be behind their unresolved crises. Suddenly, Iran is at the center of resolving the Middle East nightmares. Even the western mass media can no longer deny this,” Walberg said.

Let’s not forget Israel, where there is some open criticism from both left and right, more so than in the West. The incitement campaign against Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin, who dared expressing sympathy to Gazans’ suffering, has broken all records of hatred and verbal violence in the Israel mass media. Yes, against the President himself, who is a staunch right-winger and supporter of the settlements. But he finally had enough and decided to speak out,” Walberg added.


3 responses to “Eric Walberg: Iran can save the Middle East

  1. Are you out of your mind? 80 million Iranians are oppressed and imprisoned inside Iran and you want a criminal regime to save the Middle East? I don’t know how much the regime thugs gave you to write this garbage but know for fact that the Iranians would not forget your name and Karma is on their side.

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