$10,000/day for living in seized US Embassy in Iran

I must admit the Zionist vultures know infinite ways to dip into others pockets.

This week, a US court ordered Obama administration to pay $4.4 million, or $10,000 each of 444 days, to each of the 52 Americans who were holed in the US Embassy known as Den of Spies on November 4, 1979.

A group of Iranian students stormed US embassy in Tehran in response to Jimmy Carter’s administration allowed the deposed Shah to seek refuge in the US on ‘medical reasons’. The so-called hostage affair became a national pride on both sides when Jimmy Carter after failing to get the American released even after usual military threats and UNSC resolution – ordered a disastrous military rescue, code name, Operation Eagle Claw, on April 24, 1980, in which ten US military personnel died as result of desert storm even without the knowledge of Iranian air force.

Israel and US Jewish lobby groups used the incident to fan hatred toward the Iranian people for supporting Islamic Revolution against Israel’s top Muslim ally, King Reza Shah.

As part of American Justice, the eight Afro-American employees at the embassy, who were released two weeks after the seizer, are not entitled to share the loot. However, the six American employees who were smuggled out of Tehran by Canadian ambassador Kenneth Taylor, before spending 444 days inside Den of Spies, are entitled for the bounty.

The good news is, the US taxpayers are not required to foot this bounty as they have already agreed to give $45 billion to Israel in military aid during the next 10 years. The ransom money will come out of $8.9 billion fine imposed on France’s top bank BNF Paribas by a US judge for violating US sanctions against the Islamic Republic. Even if that fails, the Jewish Lobby has $150 billion Iranian assets frozen in the West to dip-in.


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