US leaders: Let have more wars for Israel

doublespeak[1]Every current US presidential hopeful has assured the Jewish Lobby and Netanyahu that if elected, he/she would fight more Israel’s proxy wars in the Muslim world including Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, etc. But most American voters don’t know that none of these odd 20 candidates ever served in America’s wars around the world since WWII.

In fact, Presidents George Bush, Father, and George Bush, son did not do active military duty. Presidents Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama also did not join any of US military adventures (here). But, these four US presidents have more Muslim blood on their hands than all US presidents since George Washington.

On December 18, 2015, Ramon Mejia reported that all the Republican presidential candidates, who are pledging more wars for America’s security, none of them has took part in a single US War. The same goes for Republican Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

As a US Marine veteran who was deployed to Iraq in 2003, I can’t even begin to describe the disgust I felt while watching the GOP debate on Tuesday night. Presidential candidate after presidential candidate attempted to one-up each other by highlighting how tough they would be as future commanders in chief. Each solution they presented demonstrated what little regard they had for the loss of life, and how quick they would be to resort to acts most often referred to as war crimes,” Ramon Mejia.

Let me make something clear: no one on that stage has experienced war. None of those candidates have to relive the memories and traumas of participating in war. And not one shares the intimate loss and grief endured by the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians and service members. And yet, carpet bombing, targeting of civilians, opposing democratic movements, and murdering families as retaliation were all openly suggested as potential strategies in the never-ending wars that began with the Bush administration and have continued throughout Obama’s presidency,” Mejia added.

Watching the GOP debate on Tuesday gave me an opportunity to reflect on what I took part in and the journey I’ve traveled to come to a place of dedicating my life to make things right. I wish our country would learn some of the lessons that I did instead of perpetuating the same mistakes repeatedly. The sideshow that many of us watched on Tuesday night was only the most recent egregious example of how irresponsible the national dialogue around our foreign policy has become. We, as people responsible for electing the next commander in chief, need to take a good hard look at who we are bringing into office because, let’s be honest: this isn’t a problem confined to only the Republican Party. This is a bipartisan failure. We need to ask ourselves if the candidate that we choose to elect is going to offer us more of the same or break us out of this deadly cycle,” Mejia said.


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