‘Islamic State of France’ in 2022!

fra1[1]French anti-Muslim author, Michel Houellebecq (an atheist Jew!) has predicted in his 2014 novel, Submission, that considering the rise in French Muslim population – Muslims would become the majority in France by 2022.

Bigot Houellebecq in Submission envisions a 2022 presidential runoff in which, to prevent a Marine Le Pen’s (has a Jewish boyfriend) National Front victory, France’s traditionally dominant parties (Socialist and Republicans) would conspire to hand even the Élysée Palace to a new Muslim party.

This isn’t the first time, the Israeli filth have lied about French Muslims. During Hollande’s first presidency, David Horowitz’s website FrontPage Magazine, called Hollande pro-Iran Islamist. Why? Because Hollande’s cabinet made a history in the country. It had three Muslim cabinet ministers (one minister and two junior ministers).

According to PEW recent report, France has Europe’s largest Muslims population – but only 7.5% of country’s total population of 64 million. PEW has also projected that by 2050 Muslim communities would make 10% of Europe’s total population.

However, thanks to the Jewish-controlled media French are very scared of 7.5% Muslim population. Contrary to that, a great majority of French are very happy with 500,000 French Jews, who control country’s all three major parties controlled by anti-Muslim, but pro-Israel elites. Jews are over-represented in current president Francois Hollande’s (Jewish) administration and his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy’s (half Jewish) administration.

Michel Houellebecq’s previous books, The map and the territory, The Elementary Particles and The Possibility of an Island have been translated into Hebrew and published in Israel. Houellebecq visited Israel in March 2011 and met the entity’s president Shimon Peres, a war criminal.

Houellebecq told Peres: “I wishes the state of Israel a long life from bottom of my heart.”

In 2011, before visiting Israel, Houellebecq said “Islam is a stupid and dangerous religion.” Just imagine, Houellebecq would have spent three years in some French jail had he made a similar statement about the Holocaust.

Professor Ian Calder in his 2009 book, Arab France: Islam and the Making of Modern Europe, debunks western anti-Muslim lies.

The first phase of French Muslim history began in 716 CE when a group of Spanish Muslim soldiers crossed Spanish-French border along Pyrenees Mountains to occupy the city of Norborne. In 721 CE, Muslim forces under the command of Al-Samh ibn Malik conquered the city of Toulouse by defeating Duke Eudes of Aquitaine’s army. Toulouse was the scene of a recent Israeli Mossad’s false flag shooting operation which killed four French Jews at a school. Muslim forces continued their victory march until it reached the city of Lyon and occupied the city of Bordeaux in 731 CE. However, their advance turned into retreat when Muslim army was defeated by Duke Eudes in alliance with Charles Martel near the city of Poitiers in 732 CE.


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