CBS censors American Muslims

911InsideJob[1]Last week, Frank Luntz (Jewish), the PR Guru at Jewish Focus Group held discussion with a group of 16 American Muslims. A censored segment of the discussion was aired by CBS News on Friday. CBS News is owned by Zionist Jew Murray Rothstein.

The censored version highlighted the so-called Muslim terrorism with a particular fixation on how much responsibility American Muslims felt to condemn terrorist attacks.

One wonders, why Frank Lutz and other Israeli presstitutes don’t ask American Jews and Christians who, according to FBI have committed more terrorism on American soil than Muslims (here).

On December 20, The Intercept website claimed that two Muslim Americans who participated in the discussion complained that CBS News edited out the part of discussion where they raised their own concerns – including their critique of US militarism, surveillance and the entrapment of Muslims (part of a proxy war for Israel).

They also said that Frank Lutz silenced members of the group when they criticized American policies – and the anti-Muslim politicians.

When Luntz asked the group how they respond to attacks such as the recent one in San Bernardino, New York City activist Amelia Noor-Oshiro told The Intercept she asked Luntz, “Why don’t you ask that to people who actually commit acts of terror? Why don’t you ask that to White America who are responsible for a majority of domestic terror attacks?”

That didn’t make it into the on-air segment.

Sarah Harvard, a New York City journalist who was in the group, wrote a lengthy Facebook post after the airing of the CBS segment where she noted that the total time spent filming was around an hour – and that the most telling exchanges were cut out.

For example, Harvard wrote that after Luntz asked the group whether they were Americans or Muslims first, she chose to demonstrate the offensive nature of the question by asking, “Well, are you an American or Jewish first?”

That didn’t make it on the air either.

Another question Harvard says Luntz asked that was not included on air was whether they recognized Israel as a Jewish state — as if that were relevant to the American Muslim experience.

I bet, Frank Luntz and people of his tribe know who are the real terrorists (here).


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