Assad and the White House Morons

ff_assad_asma_bashar[1]Last week the Christian president Barack Obama said: Assad must go, but his Jewish boy, John Kerry said: Assad can stay.

John Kerry’s face-saving turn-about of dropping White House’s demand that the overthrow of Assad by continued military aggression against Syrian people must proceed by a political solution to the 4-year-old armed insurgency was essential for resolving the current stalemate where legal intervention by Hizbullah, Iranian and Russian assistance have thwarted US-Israel’s regime change in Damascus.

On Friday, in an interview John Kerry gave to Rossiya 24 TV channel during his recent visit to Moscow, claimed that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad attracts terrorists like a magnet, therefore, he must be removed from power to bring peace in the region.

We have been listening to, Assad out, Assad in, charade since the US-Israel gave birth to ISIS over four years ago. However, Israelis with the help of United States have been conspiring to break-up the anti-Israel Shia Crescent (Iran, Iraq, Syria, and most importantly Lebanese Hizbullah) since 2007. Hizbullah is the only Arab resistance which has defeated the Jewish army twice – in 2000 and 2006.

US-Israel are desperate to shore-up its ISIS baby being hanged-dry in Syria. On Sunday, Israeli jets attacked a residential complex in Jaramana in Damascus killing nine Syrians including prominent Hizbullah fighter, Samir Qantar, who was released from Israeli jail in 2008 after 29 years in exchange for body-bags of two Jewish soldiers killed in 2006 war. In September 2015, Obama administration declared Qantar anti-Israel terrorist along with three other resistance fighters. Watch the destruction after Israeli attack below.

The Syrian government has condemned Israel raid.

If one believe Jew propagandist Dave Majumdar’s (Defense editor The National Interest, November 25, 2015) claim that Russia has deployed its powerful S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile defense system to its base in Latakia, Syria – I wonder why it didn’t intercept Israeli jets?


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