US Jewish writer: ‘Jews should leave Palestine’

jk[1]A recent Israeli survey revealed that 80% of Israeli Jewish kids are traumatized by the current so-called “knife terror” – faked by Israeli security agencies. The survey also said that 64% of Jewish children who watch these events on TV, are afraid to leave homes.

An American Jewish writer has just come up with a viable solution for the paranoid Israeli Jews.

Roger Tucker is no Helen Thomas. He is an American writer and editor/publisher of One Democratic State website. Since Tucker is Jewish, he can repeat some of Helen Thomas’ so-called “antisemitic” statements without being dragged into sewer by ADL, AJC or the Jewish media.

In his latest article, Roger Tucker wrote: The only viable solution to the problem is for the Jews to leave Palestine, voluntarily or involuntarily. A small minority, less than 5%, might be able to successfully petition to stay, but such details would be up to the new Palestinian administration to work out – and they would be preoccupied with the far more urgent task of resettling the millions of returning Palestinians who choose to come. The reconstruction and recovery of Gaza itself would be a monumental task (here).

Roger Tucker had been follower of this blog for years and had reblogged some of my posts on his website in the past.

The so-called “civilized West” has a special place for the Jewish communities. The Jews are allowed to make fun of all non-Jewish religions, Holocaust and Israel. But if a non-Jew does that, he goes to jail or get his/her career ruined.

Jeffrey Blankfort, another American Jewish writer says: One State or two states, for me is not the issue. That’s for the Palestinians to decide. If I was a Palestinian, I wouldn’t like to live next to an Israeli (here).

Tel Aviv-born author and Jazz musician Gilad Atzmon can insult his fellow Jews by saying: The Jewish Question cannot be resolved as long as Jews fail to overcome the exilic mindset. The exilic mindset aspires to Zion. It is detached from its surroundings while in the Diaspora, and once in Zion, the exilic identity collapses completely since its raison d’etre vanishes. In other words, Jews are locked in a limbo; their identity complex cannot be resolved (here).

Jewish-media darling Joan Rivers, Israeli actress Natali Cohen Vaxberg, French historian, Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce, Seth MacFarlane, comedian Sarah Silverman, Larry David, etc. are all known for making fun of Holocaust (here).

Top American Jewish writer, Steve Lendman, wrote on October 25, 2015: Israel and Washington deplore peace and stability, thrive on endless violence, at all times blame victims for their viciousness.So-called peace initiatives are dead on arrival every time. They’re a waste of time, Palestinians always wrongfully blamed for failure (here).

Israel-born Professor Dorit Naaman (Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario) claims she is a Palestinian Jew even though her parents were Ashkenazi Zionist Jews from Hungary. She wrote in June 2014: “Fine, I’m not yet a Palestinian Jew, but in 10 to 15 years – and certainly in my lifetime – this place will be called Palestine, and I will be a citizen of Jewish-Israeli heritage.”

On March 20, 2015, Miko Peled, son of Israel’s 1967 war hero Gen. Matti Peled wrote at Jewish The Hill: It’s time to give Palestinians their country back. “The problem is Zionism and the solution is dismantling the Zionist framework and instituting a secular democracy that does not discriminate between Israelis and Palestinians,” he said.

The True Torah Jews website claims that under Muslim-majority ruled One Palestine State, the religious Jews, both Zionist and anti-Zionist, would prefer to stay in Palestine rather face persecution in Christian majority Western nations. Only Zionist and secularist Israeli Jews would prefer to return to Western world.


2 responses to “US Jewish writer: ‘Jews should leave Palestine’

  1. The U.N. made a fateful mistake giving half of Palestine to Zionists in 1947, without the consent of habitants there. This was of course done in the general bad conscience over Nazi atrocities during WWII. Now, after decades of war and persecution, and terrible suffering of the Palestinian people, U.N. should realize that opening Palestine for Zionists was not a good idea. The obvious solution now is that Israel moves to some other Place on Earth, where Zionists would be welcome.

    The other idea, a country for both Palestinians and Zionists, maybe is possible in the long run — but who would bet on Zionist benevolence to make it happen?

    • It’s British plan which gave 54% of historic Palestine to European Jews. The non-permanent members of UNSC were bribed by the US to recognize Israel during the second voting.

      Currently, the Zionist Jews occupy more than 85% of the historic Palestine under Ottoman empire.

      During his speech at UNGA, India’s envoy, Krishna Menon said that since Jewish Holocaust was carried by German Nazis, Germany’s most fertile province Bavaria should be awarded to Jews to establish the “Jewish State”.

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