Brown University chased by Jewish Lobby

Brown University is Ivy League research university in Providence, Rhode Island founded in 1764. In 2009, the university inaugurated a chair in honor of German Jewish history professor and author Hans Rothfels. The chair was established as result of $1 million by some ‘mysterious’ source.

After waiting six years, several Zionist academics including John Harvey (St. Cloud University), and Georg Iggers (SUNY – Buffalo) have recently petitioned to Brown University management to abolish the chair claiming that Hans Rothfels voted for Adolf Hitler in 1932, and is considered a traitor by ZOA.

Incidentally, Brown University Chancellor Thomas J. Tisch, president Christina Paxson, and Provost David Kertzer, are all Jewish.

Hans Rothfels (d. 1976) unlike tens of thousands of German Jews who were loyal to their motherland and considered Zionism alien to their religion, fought and gave their lives to defend Germany under Nazi rule. Rothfels left Germany after the rise of Hitler in search of better life in United States. He joined Brown University in 1938. Later he taught at University of Chicago before returning to Germany in the 1950s.

The US Jewish turned against Dr. Rothfels when he refused to join anti-German propaganda by the Organized Jewry. Rothfels, like Netanyahu, insisted that Hitler had no plan to exterminate Jews. Rothfels also downplayed the role German antisemitism in Holocaust.

After WWII, Rothfels hardly mentioned Nazi era in his writing and teaching. However, he refused to forgive Jewish/communist-controlled Soviet Union for killing and rapping over a million German men and women after the defeat of Germany (here).

Hans Rothfels is author of 1948 book, German Opposition to Hitler.

American writer and author Bruce Walker at Jewish American Thinker is a typical Zionist self-denial. On November 19, 2007, he quoted Rothfels’ book to prove that both German Christians and Jews resisted Hitler and Nazism. Like Pope Francis and Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, Walker claimed that since Nazis were ‘antisemites’ – they cannot be Christians because Christians and Jews are twins.


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