Ex-SC Justice: ‘Why I am Hindu’

Justice Makandey Katju, 69, served at India’s Supreme Court (2006-2011). He retired as chairman of Press Council of India on October 5, 2014. He claims to be an atheist and is a known critic of Hindu religion. However, he claims that if he ever decided to practice an organized religion – he will adopt Hinduism because it doesn’t ban his two favorite loves; booze and sex with women out of wedlock.

On December 19, 2015, blog post, Katju explained Why I am a Hindu.

I am an atheist, but if I had to choose my religion, I would have chosen Hinduism. That is because while in other religions there is only one God, in Hinduism there are 330 million gods. So you can choose the god who suits your temperament as your,” Katju said.

If you are fond of drugs and alcohol, you can choose Lord Shiva ( he is said to be fond of bhaang, dhatura, etc ). If you are fond of many women, you can choose Lord Krishna ( the gopis of Vrindaban  were very fond of him and he allegedly married 16000 women at a time ), but if you are devoted to one single woman, which you should be ( ‘ek hi naari sada brahmachari’, as I used to say in court while deciding bigamy cases )  you should choose Lord Rama,” Katju added.

You can select a god with the head of an elephant ( Ganesh ), or  of a monkey ( Hanuman ) or even a pig ( Varaha devata ).. You can select a god with 4 heads ( Brahma ), though sadly the chap has few worshippers, and there is reportedly only one temple in his honour ( at Pushkar, near Ajmer ) in India. You can worship Kali or Murugan or whatever you like,” Katju said.

In March 2015, Justice Katju called Mahatma Gandhi a “British agent”.

In September 12, 2015, Katju on his blog post accused Bangladesh’s Hindu hero poet, Rabindranath Tagore a “British stooge”, and Hitler admirer Subash Chandra Bose a “Japanese agent”.

Katju has also called former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi aka ‘Mother of Bangladesh’, a “power crazy woman”.

In October 2015, Katju said: “I eat beef and don’t consider cow as mother as it’s an animal like horse and dog.” He also called Narendra Modi’s government “thieves and looters”, and suggested that they should all be hanged.

On July 29, 2015, Katju called Yakub Memon’s death verdict as a “witch hunt” based on very weak evidence.

Katju who was born into upper-class Hindu Pandit family from Kashmir, is married to Rupa and has two children.

Interestingly, the Jewish Zionists also believe in a similar Atheism-Judaism theology. They pretend to be atheist in order to criticize Islam and Christianity, but turn into ferocious dogs when asked to criticize Jewish Holocaust.


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