God wanted me to perform oral sex on my priest!

Professor Julie MacfarlaneThis post is about the sad story of a fellow Canadian, professor Julie Macfarlane (University of Windsor, Ontario), who went to office of the Rector of her church to seek spiritual guidance. It was 1975, and she was 16-year-old. The Rector told her that God wanted her to kneel and perform oral sex on him. Her story is published at the Church Times, the world’s leading Anglican newspaper, on December 18, 2015.

In 1975, at the age of 16, I worried that my faith was fading. I sought out the Rector in his church office for spiritual counseling. He told me that God wanted me to kneel and perform oral sex on him. This was the start of more than 12 months of constant sexual abuse by the priest. He continued to make me perform fellatio on him, and masturbated on me, in multiple locations. He waited for me in dark alleyways as I walked home from the restaurant where I worked as a dishwasher in the evenings,” writes Dr. Macfarlane.

The priest – whom I regarded as my spiritual mentor, a man of God whom everyone else in my church treated as authoritative on spiritual matters – told me that God wanted me to do this. I got away only by leaving for university (one the furthest distance from my home that I could find). Still I told no one. I tried to forget,” she added.

Finally, in 1999, I brought a complaint to the Sexual Misconduct Clergy Committee of the overseas diocese in which the priest was now located. After an investigation, the committee determined that there should be a full hearing under the Clergy Discipline Statute. Once this decision was conveyed to him, the priest resigned immediately. The Archbishop of the province wrote to me, and explained that his file would be marked “Not for employment”, to prevent his working in ministry in the future. (I have recently discovered that he is continuing to minister for a different, non-Anglican church),” Dr. Macfarlane says. Listen to her interview at BBC, recorded four days ago.

After listening to Dr. Macfarlane testimony, I agree with Pope Bernedic XVI, pastor Pat Robertson, Rev. Franklin Graham, Gen. Jerry Boykin, and other Christian creeps that the God of Islam is not the God of the Bible.

The Catholic Church, Church of England and Jewish rabbis have been blaming each other for committing more child and female sexual abuses for decades. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops in a report released in April 2015, admitted that Catholic churches in United States have paid $150 million in compensation to sexual abuse victims between July 2013 and June 2014. Now, just imagine how much compensation would have been paid to cover 1.1 billion Catholics around the world.

Last month, UK’s chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis admitted that child sexual abuse has become epidemic in Jewish communities.

Julie Macfarlane, 56, is a Full Professor in the faculty of law, and was awarded highest honor of University of Windsor Professorship in 2014.


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