Tunisia jails six gays

1331333762_Tunisia-Flag[1]On May 20, 2015, Evan Moore heaped praise for Tunisian democracy at Bill Kristol’s Foreign Policy Initiative, an Israel’s advocacy website. Like Barack Obama last year, Moore also called Tunisia a great success of the so-called Arab Spring, which has benefitted Israel the most.

Since Habib Bourguiba established his anti-Islam dictatorship (1957-87), Israeli Mossad is well-established in the Muslim-majority (99.1% of 11 million) country. It has carried several false flag operations with the help of Tunisian police and military establishment.

However, sadly, on December 4, a judge in regional capital of Kairouan sentenced three students to three-year in jail each, and banished all of them to enter the city for further five years. They were arrested in November for allegedly involved in homosexual activities in a boarding house, which is defended by the Organized Jewry as part of Western heritage.

One of the gays was given additional six months in jail for enjoying porn videos on his computer.

The local human rights group, Shams, funded by the pro-LGBT western mafia has called the verdict “Islamic Shari’ah barbarianism”, even though the judge ruled it under country’s Penal Code, Article 230 that has existed since 1923. Ahmad Ben Amor, vice-president of Shams has claimed that the provincial government banned group’s planned anti-Article 230 protest on December 10, by saying: We are engaged in fighting terrorism, we have no time for faggots. How rude!

Ali Bousselmi, founder of another LGBT group, Mawjoudin, claims that their is a real hunt taking place for homosexuals taking place.

Tunisia’s interior ministry has defended the judgment, saying: Our job is to uphold the law.

In September 2015, Tunisian justice minister Salah Ben Aissa called for Article 230 to be scrapped, but the very next month he was fired by the pro-US president Beji Caid Essebsi.

The Amnesty International, a Zionist-controlled world organization has condemned the verdict, calling it a shocking example of deep-rooted state sanctioned discrimination. The AI in a statement demanded immediate release of the six victims of discrimination.

The US-based Human Rights Watch (HRW), a pro-Israel advocacy group has also condemned the ruling calling it, a grave case of infringement on people’s private lives and physical integrity.

I wonder if Donald Trump and the Black dude Ben Carson would use the news as new “smoking gun” against Muslims and Islam.


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