Gen. Jerry Boykin: Thanks ISIS for protecting Israel

Pro-Israel Muslim-hating Lt. Gen. (ret) William G. (Jerry) Boykin in a recent appearance at David Horowitz Freedom Center TV said, thanks G-d for ISIS, American forces will be in the Middle East to protect Israel forever. Horowitz, ex-communist turned a born-again Zionist Jew, is founder of anti-Muslim/Arab website FrontPage Magazine, and is considered Guru of US Islamophobe writers.

There is another reason that we are never going to get out of Middle East, and that is this little spec of land there called Israel. We made a commitment to Israel in 1948 that we would be there if they needed us. This president (Obama) – I want you to understand that my children are Jewish, their mother is a Jew, so I’m very passionate about Israel. But the idea that this president has not been anti-Semitic is absolute nonsense,” Boykin said. Watch video below.

I’m sure, Boykin must be very proud of Washington’s fulfillment of that promise during every Israeli aggression against its Arab neighbors, and ethnic-cleansing since 1948.

In 2003, Boykin told Zionist Christian sheep at a community church in Oregon that Muslims hate Christians because our culture is rooted in Judeo-Christianity. Boykin has called Islam “principalities of darkness, and urged government that Muslim should not be protected under US Constitution’s First Commandment.

Boykin is still licking his wounds received in Somalia. In fact, Boykin, got his Zionist butts kicked out in various other countries he participated in failed American military aggression, including the Islamic Republic when he left eight of his dead comrades behind in Iranian desert during the so-called Operation Eagle Claw, blessed by then president Jimmy Carter, to kidnap 54 American spies trapped inside US embassy in Tehran on April 24, 1980.

David Horowitz and his comrades in the Organized Jewry admire even those Christians, who once a while , show their hatred of Jews – as long as they hate Muslims. For example, on March 6, 2014, Jerry Boykin was caught on a ‘hot mic’ following a panel at the National Security Action Summit (NSAS), telling a reporter from that Jews are the problem, and the cause of all the problem in the world. A voice in the background was heard, saying: That’s why we are doing something about them (here).


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